Tuesday, April 29, 2014

33 weeks- Paparazzi (or fireflies) :)

Hey mom and fam!

The week was as crazy as usual and we travelled at least a couple hundred miles. Travelling is fun, but not that much in so little time. Here are my travels as of last Monday:
Mon- Left Porto Velho for Rio Branco at 11:15pm and arrived at 12am.
Tue- Left Rio Branco at 4am after getting up at 230 to go to the airport with Pres. and Sis. Klein, we got to PV and went straight to the bus station to catch a bus that took another 4 hours to get to Humitá. (In 10 hours we had travelled through 3 of the 4 states in our mission) 
Sunday- we left Humitá and came back to PV
Tomorrow- we will go to Ji-parana with Pres. and spend the week visiting cities near our area. Then we'll come back to PV until sometime next week. We'll spend the last little bit of the transfer in our area and then we'll see what happens.

Haha wish I could say, "Didn't even get hurt," JUST KIDDING. It was a crazy week, but a safe week! So, every week, I keep a list in my Planner of all the things that I want to email home that happened during the week. Usually, I can remember it and describe it all, but this week was just random bits and pieces for the most part. Here goes:

I heard "Surfin' Safari" by the Beach Boys in Portuguese, that was pretty weird, but it was still good to hear the lyrics and remember them. Brazil has a lot of fireflies here! During our bus ride to PV from Pimenta Bueno (my area), we were travelling at night and it looked like there were photographers on every side of the road because of how many fireflies we saw, and it was for miles. I thought I saw one of the famous Pink Dolphins, but it was actually just a fish about 8 feet long that ate something on top of the water. We caught an iguanna! It was about 4 or 5 feet long and it was awesome! I tried a new drink called Cevada. It's horrible. It tastes like black coffee, but the people here love it. You just have to add a LOT of milk to it. 

Not too much else that happened. I bought a new pair of shoes from an Elder that were 125 reais (about $60) for 30 reais ($17 give or take) so that was nice. The traction is pretty much gone on one pair I have, so I bought those to be safe. Literally. When it rains, I was always slipping and sliding, but only went down once. The pair that is missing traction is still useful though. I took a knife to the bottom of them and carved my own traction into them. If that doesn't work, I'll buy a bike tire and use the rubber to create a new sole. Should be interesting! 

Should be another good week though! I'm excited for the next transfer too! Normally, transfers are 6 weeks, don't know why, but this one is only 5. So, the last day of our transfer will be Mother's Day, but don't worry, we'll all call home without any problems *knock on wood*

Love you guys! I'll send pics as usual!

Elder Sanderson

He was so happy to get American candy :) 

He said it was 4-5 feet long!  
Rain in the distance
Then the sun came out
Rainbow- he said they saw an upside down rainbow this week too! He said it was like the sky was smiling.

He looks tired in this photo, I asked if he was worn out from all the travelling and he said "I am definitely worn out, but Heavenly Father strengthens us a lot!"

Less than two weeks until I get to see his face on Skype! 

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