Monday, August 25, 2014

50 weeks!!! On the mend

Hello everybody!

How's Haylee? Tell her that I'll keep saying extra prayers for her! I'm doing A LOT better than I was. Luckily, it wasn't Dangue and everything is good to go. I didn't get an official diagnosis because when I went to the hospital (3 times) they were out of doctors. One of them was travelling, and the other wasn't at work for some reason. They had doctors there who were specialists, but nobody who could just see me as general medical care. So, I went to the doctor, and they were out of doctors...apparently that is a problem in Brazil haha. However, I know it's not Dangue because I had the energy to get out of bed and keep on working. If you have dangue, you're in bed for two weeks. Lots of prayers that I don't get that! Now, they only thing that I have is just a stuffed nose still. 

The week was really slow and really uneventful. I was sick until about Wednesday, but then my companion got sick too, so we were stuck inside every day until Thursday. We did get out and teach a ton of lessons though! And I'm way excited to keep on working this week! I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Once a woman kisses a cowboy, she'll never again kiss a playboy" that I'm going to buy =) It was pretty awesome! My companion didn't know what a playboy was and I was trying to explain it to him with very little success, he finally said, "I'll just Google it on Monday" to which I exclaimed, "NO!" haha it was pretty funny. 

We also get to watch a little bit of the movie Cars this week before one of our lunches. I was cracking up when they were at the part where Lightning McQueen drives away before Mater hooks him up to the road paving machine. He drives away, and Mater sits there for about 5 minutes before saying, "Maybe I should have hooked him up to Miss Bessie and then taken the boot off." That part, and where he says, "Maybe this isn't the best time, but you owe me $32,000 in legal fees" haha

Also, I once again saw that candy works magic with children! One of the kids in our branch didn't want to go to his class. He is coming to church with his siblings, but hasn't been baptized yet because he is only 6. He's really small, maybe 3 feet and a few inches tall, and just didn't want to go to class. He wouldn't talk to me, so I asked him if he wanted to see the candy I brought for the game the kids play every Sunday. He nodded yes, and followed us to the Gospel Principles class where my bag was. He saw the candy and seemed to cheer up. I asked him if he wanted one and he said yes, so I gave him one. As soon as the candy was in his hand, he went sprinting to his class. I don't think I've ever seen a kid run that fast in my life haha. 

We also encounterred a great new investigator this week! We were visiting some less actives and seeing if they needed anything when she started talking to us. She is living with the less actives, and wanted to learn more about the Church. We were teaching her about the Great Apostasy and how it all worked out after Christ's death. She asked us, "Why is it that there are so many churches? I want to find the one true church and go there for the rest of my life. But how can anyone know?" We about fell out of our chairs, and I told her that I was positive we could help her with that concern. We'll see how she feels after reading the Book of Mormon, and hopefully she's going to go to church this week!

That's about all =) Everything is going great and life is good!

Love you and miss you all!

Elder Sanderson

P.s. Tell the ward how grateful I am for their prayers and all they do =) I can feel them every single day.

and thanks for the sports news!!!!

**********still no pics this week.  He said he would do his best next week!  :). **********

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