Monday, October 20, 2014

58 weeks- progress!

Hey there family of mine!

I won't comment too much on all of your adventures this week, but I'm glad to hear that everything is great! I'm in a hurry, so will have to cut and paste some of my email from other emails I've already sent. Sorry that it's not all 100% original! 

Our week was fantastic! Let me show you why:

 Our week was one of the most amazing that I have yet to see in the mission! I feel like I say that a lot, mixed in with "hardest week of the mission," haha but I'm grateful for both because it means growth and progression! After 4 and a half months in Cruzeiro do Sul, I think I'm finally going to head out. I hope not, but at the same time, change would be good =) Our area caught fire this week! It was amazing!!! We marked 10 baptismal dates in 2 days! All of them for this Sunday! We found a family that is as elect as elect can get! We marked 8 of the 10 dates in that house haha. They even all went to church on Sunday! I almost passed out from excitement! They even had arranged for a ride to get us all there! We would have walked over 30 minutes otherwise. It was humbling just to see Heavenly Father take over and seem to say, "Here's a million blessings for your hard work." Our members seemed even more surprised than we were when we told them that we will have about 7 or 8 baptisms this week! After such a hard transfer with so much heartache and trial, Heavenly Father just wrapped His Arms around us and carried us through to the end.

On top of all that, we had our Zone Conference with President Castro this week too! We read over 50 scriptures, had role-plays, received revelation/inspiration/motivation, and were with him and Sister Castro for 11 hours! We met from 9am until 8pm, only stopping for lunch! Sister Castro had a game for us that was pretty fun too =) She wanted to see who had the cleanest shoes and so she had us all be shoe models. Probably one of the most awkward things I've done on the mission, but we will remember it for a long time haha. We had to walk down a runway, strike a pose, and then exit the runway. She even let us pick any kind of music that we wanted, so we chose "Don't stop believing" by Journey. As we were getting ready to stat, I looked at my Zone Leader and said, "I was already awkward as a missionary, now I have to be awkward in front of the Sisters." To which he replied, "I know, there's girls here!" haha.I ended up being tied for first place, thank you ROTC! 

One thing that I liked about our Zone Conference too was when Sister Castro said, "We were all friends in the pre-mortal life, I'm certain of that. And although we might only have a little bit of time together in this life, we will all meet again in the next life. I am certain of this, because we will never be able to forget that we served in the Brazil Manaus Mission." In that moment, I realized just how much love that I have for my mission =) Words don't even begin to describe it, so I'll just leave it at that, but there was a fire inside of my testifying of our work and how happy Heavenly Father is with all of us. 

 I just have one more adventure! I was on divisions with another missionary yesterday, because his companion is sick and they needed to go to their branch's meetings. I went with him, but after the first two hours, we received a phone call from another missionary saying we needed to get home ASAP. We left the church running and arrived at home just in time to see an ambulance pulling up. We ran up the stairs and found out that his companion who was sick, lost conciousness and fell when he was in the bathroom. He couldn't walk down the 6 flights of stairs to the ambulance, and the medics didn't have anything to carry him on, so we ended up laying him in one of our hammocks and carrying him down the stairs to the ambulance. His companion jumped in with him and they left for the hospital. We all decided to go too, so we called for a taxi and went after them. We got to the hospital around 8 or 8:30pm and stayed there until 2am waiting to see what would happen. He was released and they basically said he just has to go home and rest. It was pretty crazy and a very long night! 

The week was truly amazing! I am just excited to see how we can continue the work this week! Crazy about the sports news and great for Peyton Manning! Sucks for BYU though =/ Lots more stories that I could tell, but really don't have time today! We are busy running, and I still have to email President Castro!

Love you all! I will check the pics you sent now!

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Sanderson

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