Wednesday, August 12, 2015

99 weeks- Mission Accomplished

Our missionary boy is home!!!! He was supposed to be home at 9:40am on Tuesday August 11th but they ended up getting delayed in Brazil.  They left Brazil about 1:30 AM on Tuesday and flew into Miami. HD knew before he left Brazil he would miss his connecting flight so he had called us Monday night and told us to be on standby for a pickup time. That was the worst!  He ended up getting into Baltimore at 4:35pm.  It wasn't easy to wait those extra 7 hours!  Here are some pics from our day.
Welcome home elder Sanderson! We missed you! 
Sierra holding all the signs and wearing her Brazil sunglasses. :) 
Haylee can see him coming 
Happy tears.
Emotional mom
There he is! The security lady was clapping. :) 
Best hug ever!! 

The fab five! 

Still the same goofy boy. 
Love this pic of him and Sierra. 

With his missionary plaque at the church 
With the stake president of our stake in Maryland President Darren Sakai, after he was officially released as a missionary. 
The poor guy was up for over forty hours at this point but we still stayed up for a while telling stories and seeing what he had brought back for everyone. 
Showing us what a white shirt looks like compared to his mission shirts. The lighting isn't good but you can still tell a significant difference. 

Thank you all for your support, prayers and love. They have gotten us all through this mission adventure.  We are so glad to have our elder home and look forward to the rest of the adventures in his life.  
I will do one more post where HD will write his testimony in Portuguese and translate it into English.  Thank you for reading and following along this awesome journey! 

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