Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 20, 19 weeks

****from Tara:  He has a new mailing address and his birthday is in LESS than three weeks!  Please send him birthday wishes through the mail.  I want him to get a bunch of mail.  He would love it!  His new address is: 
Elder HD Sanderson
1566 Mountain View Blvd.
Woods Cross, UT 84087
Thanks everyone!!!! ******

Hello familia of mine!

Bountiful is the best place to serve in this mission! We are definitely living the high life and I am very grateful for it. The work in our area is beginning to explode too! We have a Bishop who I pretty much want to be our third companion haha. He was so excited when he told us his new mission plan that he was just about jumping up and down. He is exactly in line with what our mission president wants for the missionaries and it is fantastic! This has been a good week so far and my new companion is really cool. He's going home in two transfers so that's two comps in a row that are going home soon. It's weird to see the difference in them and me, but that's not always a bad thing either. 

I do remember Elder Gomez, he's a really cool guy! He left a few weeks before I did in the MTC. He was in the same game as me when I hurt my ankle lol. The Pokemon tournament looks like it was amazing and I'm sure you and Joe got matching t-shirts as souvenirs! 

BRONCOS ARE SUPER BOWL BOUND!!!!!! I might just ask my mission president if I can watch it =D I might not be able to do anything until February 3rd haha. I can't believe that they go the year I'm going to be not watching tv. I've watchied tv for 20 years and they go the year I change my ways...The things I give up for the Lord =p lol. 

It has been a really good week like I said, we should have 3 or 4 baptisms coming up and I have one that I'm going to in my last area on Saturday! It was a lady and her daughter who we were teaching and I'm so excited for them! We have been working with a family in our area who is trying to come back. The mom is super excited, but her son says that is is anti-mormon. He has never been interested in the church, but after she met us she told him about me and sent us this text that night, I'll change their names just in case they wouldn't want me to share, "John has never been open to the lds church...i told him about you HD and Dayo (she likes first names and that's my companion's nickname). He really wants to meet you. Especially HD. You're great Dayo but when you get released in May....you will be snatched up. Something about HD softened his heart. Not only that, but gave him a desire to know more. Life is amazing" I know that there is a reason that I'm here. Maybe it's for "John", but whatever the case, I'll do everything that the Lord would have me do so that I can help him come closer to Christ. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Sanderson

P.s. I would clarify that I'm not actually in Brazil yet. Everybody thinks I'm going there like tomorrow. 

****a second email titled "extra stuff I didn't think I was going to have time to tell you"**** 

That was a long subject title...oh well!

See if Grandma Chelle knows the Spencer Family. They are from Rigby and said that they know the Allgoods! It was pretty crazy, but we ate dinner with them a few nights ago. I also met a Sister Missionary named Tempest. I just thought I'd share that with you because it's an awesome name! 

We're also working with a returning member named Becky who is in a biker club, has a tattoo sleeve and cuts our hair for free. She is really cool and should be getting sealed to her kids at the end of the year! Times like that make me wish I was staying here lol. 

Just a couple of things I thought I'd add. Love ya!

Elder Sanderson 


Reminded him of home :)

***From Tara:  looks like he is in a nice place, I was lucky to be online the same time he was and we got to go back and forth for a minute. They have a car which he loves, he doesn't want anything specific before he heads to Brazil except for a mosquito net --I am ordering that this week-- he doesn't have a departure date yet but his visa has def been finalized it may take a few weeks to get all his papers together the church will let him know, and all else is good.  He is happy and excited for Brazil :)**** 

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