Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27 -20 weeks!

Hello my family!

It's been another crazy week that has flown by! I am still standing in amazement that my mission is going by so fast. In like 4 weeks (Transfers) I will have been out for 6 months =O That is crazy! I love being a missionary, even if visa waiting is a freakin pain in the neck. I haven't heard anything else yet, but I do know that there are now 6 Elders from my MTC district down there now. Four of them got their visas last week and ran into each other at the airport haha. I won't lie, that made me a little bit sad/jealous of them, but I know that mine is coming. I can feel it in my heart and know that my mission in Utah is almost complete. Until then, I'm going to keep being a rockstar because that is what Elder HD Colton Sanderson does best! (See how humble I am now?). 

Wish I could have been there to see grandpa, but I've sent him an email or two and am glad you guys have had fun! Matt and Mione sent me a package this week! I got 5 new ties for my birthday from them and they are awesome! Please tell them that I said thank you! We also had interviews with our mission president this past week and mine went pretty good. All they are is just the Mission President checking up on us to make sure that everything is going okay. He asked me, "Do you have any questions for me besides when your visa will be here?" And I looked and him and said, "President, you know just as well as I do that the experience I had a few weeks ago has caused me to know that I will never ask you when my visa is getting here. I know there is a plan for me, and you do too." He seemed pretty happy about that and said that he really means it when he says I'm a tremendous asset to this mission. 

Elder Day and I are having a blast and are on fire right now! We will probably be baptizing 5 people in the next 2 or 3 weeks and have many others who we are beginning to work with. We haven't made any progress with that lady's son yet, but that is a very long story. Short version: She pretty much overdosed on oxicotton on the day we were going to go to have the FHE. So, instead of that, she went to the hospital and we cleaned her house. It's been a rough time for her, but we are going back to see her tomorrow and have the FHE so please say a special prayer for them! 

That is crazy with all of the snow you guys got! We haven't had any for weeks, but are supposed to have a few storms hit this week! It will be nice having a car and a garage! I am loving the car, but think I'm getting lazy haha. I'm alright with that though because it means I'll gain more weight for Brazil!

Could you ask Chase if he knows a Mark Allred? He's supposedly some high-end JAG officer who is somewhere near DC. I figured I would know him if he were by us because he would go to our ward, but some people out here asked me if I knew him. Could you also send me Brother Kirkham's email if you get the chance? I want to ask him a question that I think he'll know the answer to because he told it to me a long time ago. Also (this is my random stuff paragraph) did BYU go into 3OT in basketball last week??? We went to lunch at a restaurant and they had SportCenter on so my eyes may have wandered every couple of seconds =) 

Funny story from Sacrament meeting (one of 4 Sacrament meetings yesterday), we were sitting there during the Sacrament and there was this little boy probably only a year or two old walking around. A little girl behind us looks at him and whispers, "Go back to your family" lol she was maybe only three or four and it was so funny! Another funny thing I heard in church was, "They say God only gives us what we can handle, I guess I'm a BA" Lol I love church in Utah!

Love you guys! 

Elder Sanderson

The ties from Matt and Mione 
This is Peanut he's crazy 
The "clean" Utah air 

*****he also forwarded an email from a missionary that was with him in the MTC who is already in Manaus. There had been a rat in their apartment they killed with a boot, they walk 12 miles to church, and at church yesterday that missionary's companion had traded a watch for a flashlight that was also a TASER! -lol!  Can't wait to hear HDs stories from Brazil.  :).  *****

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