Monday, March 31, 2014

29 weeks, a transfer and a spider

Hey there family of mine! Or if you prefer Portuguese: Olá família de Élder Sanderson!

It wasn´t too bad of a week! Freaking HOT but still good. It probably rained 6 days of the 7, but that was alright because it meant we weren´t melting. I don´t know why, but I know my Portuguese got better this week! I could feel it, I couldn´t look at any specific example, but it was just a feeling in my heart and mind that I was improving. A much needed feeling indeed. There were still times where I was frustrated and upset with the language, but not as much as the past weeks.

Yes, we did hear about transfers. I don´t know where I´m getting transferred, but I know I´m getting transferred. It sounds like Elder Furtado (my companion) and I will be transferred together to the same area so that will be interesting. We are both excited because our area here has been really, really small. President Klein said that this current area (União) was given to us to prepare us for our next area. I just know what that means, but it will be interesting to find out. I want to go to the boonies so bad! But I want to stay in Manaus until July because of the World Cup! Haha. I don´t think Heavenly Father cares about that though, well He cares, but it´s not a priority for Him.

The food is awesome! Here´s what we eat almost every day:

Breakfast: French Bread with cheese and water

Lunch: Rice, Beans, Chicken or Fish, spaghetti noodles (just the noodles), Guarana (soda) or Fanta, and maybe a salad. 

Dinner: Nothing, just a snack when you get home at night (since it´s a 45 minute walk from our area to home)

That´s awesome that the activity was fun and that Joe had fun too! Baby steps haha. We had an awesome P-day today. It´s funny because you had such cold weather and we have been in shorts and t-shirts, no rain, probably 90-95 outside, a BBQ, and some volleyball! I was in desperate need of sports. I haven´t been working out in the mornings since my first area, but I´m going to now. It´s always rough because you´re so tired and also because I don´t like just doing push-ups or sit ups or anything, I would rather play sports. But after playing volleyball today, I really want to work out again! I feel great! 

Haha sounds like our missionaries back home are fun. And good ridance to that other guy, I´m glad he´s going to Brazil finally. Hopefully he has as much fun in the CTM as we did! Then hopefully he can get over the language barrier because that is a pain in the neck. I so testify. Weddings, that´s not as far away as it seems...I´ve had 3 people on my mission ask me if they can come to my wedding haha. And no, not because they want to be the other half of the wedding, they have specifically said, ´´yours and Sarah´s wedding´´.

This is random, but send me the Callahan´s email please! Taylor Callahan sent me a really nice letter/card and I want to get back to them ASAP! It was completely out of the blue and helped me out this week! Not much else going on with us this week. Make sure you watch conference! I´m more excited for conference than I ever have been! Conference with Missionary Ears is the greatest thing ever! I can´t wait! For personal study this week, I read every talk from November´s Conference. Every Session, even the Women´s one! I learned so many cool things and am going to keep that issue with me for a long time! 

Love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Sanderson

***I was able to chat with him, via email, for a bit today.  It was great!!  ---- SIERRA if you are reading this do NOT scroll through all the pics you will not sleep if you see the spider picture your brother sent. :) it wasn't even by him promise but still you don't want to see it----- everyone else you have been warned it is at the end after the bat picture****. :)

Washing his clothes. He will appreciate a washing machine when he gets home
Um yes that is a stick of fire they are using to combat an ant problem.  Yikes. 
Sorry this pic is sideways- I told him he was going to burn his house down his answer? It's completely concrete so that is impossible. 
His mission journal
This is in his area
He got to hold this turtle
Having a BBQ at the chapel on pday- he said 6 Americans one brazillian and one Chilean

Best BBQ he has ever had
Ok now onto the dead bat and the spider-someone killed the bat and they took a pic the spider was hanging out on a car as they walked home he took a pic.  No danger in either of these situations........right??? I will scroll down a bit so you don't have to see if you don't want to.

Dead bat-ew!!!!

Really gross spider.  

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