Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Headed to Manaus

Hey everybody!
Still loving Brazil! We only have 10 minutes just to let you know that we leave tomorrow for our actual missions! Sao Paulo has been great! But we are definitely sick and tired of the CTM. It's been a great experience, but we are ready for the field! I don't know what time I'll be leaving and I probably won't call, but I'll be able to email everyone next Monday on P-day!
This week was a lot of fun! We got to go out into the streets and actually do missionary work! They took us on a bus to the middle of the city where there is basically a giant bus station, and gave each companionship 6 Books of Mormon to go and hand out. The bus ride was probably the best thing ever haha, we were holding on for dear life and laughed the entire time! We got to the station and our instructor said, "you have 2 hours, good luck," and we all went our seperate ways. I've never had to street contact people before because in Utah we only worked with members the whole time, unfortunately, the same could be said for my companion who served in Ogden. We took longer than everyone else, but in the end, we placed all 6 of our copies and were able to enjoy the busride home!
The rest of the week has been bittersweet because we all have grown very close over the last 12 days! But, most of us are going to Manaus and at least 7 of the 11 of us will be at BYU after our missions! Being a District Leader was fun, but I bet it's way easier in English! I enjoyed it because I really had to step up and learn the language. My District always refers to me as, "O Rei" or, "Nosso Rei" Which means, "The King" and "Our King" respectively. I simply respond with, "Meu povo" and then we continue on with whatever we're doing haha.
Hope everything is as good where all of you are as it is here! We're definitely enjoying the 90 degree weather! =p
Love you all!
Elder Sanderson 
PS The District had to split into two groups and write songs in portuguese. We used the fresh prince as our rap. It was awesome

*****from Tara: Sierra and I wondered what "meu povo" meant and I said I bet it means "my subjects" or something like that.  We looked it up amd it means "my people" lol how well do I know that kid? Miss him so much!!*******

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