Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 77- Aunt Bethany and PICTURES!!

Hey everyone =)

So, one more week without a baptism... after feeling so sure that they would happen. We were pretty disappointed, but on are determined to keep at it this week and are feeling pretty good about it =) 

If it was 62 here, we would probably die. Haha it was maybe 70 the other day and we were considering long sleeves. We are just trying to keep out of the rain storms that have hit. The rain hasn't been too bad, but when it rains, it POURS. There are floods down in Acre and other places here in the north, but it's all good where we are. It rains for about an hour or two and then it just stops and is perfect outside. 
I'm glad you guys are getting used to the ward and to everything else back there. I keep thinking about how it will be haha, I'll just get there say hi and then head out for BYU haha. Do you think you'll get a calling? How is the bishop there? I hope that he's good, a good bishop can make a huge difference. 
We don't do daylight savings down here, we just talk about how weird the Americans are. We did celebrate National Women's Day yesterday. They even had a special devotional last night. It was nice and I even sang in the choir haha. The bishop walked up to me and said, "Elder, can you help Clemente?" I agreed and went to see Clemente who is the choir director. Asking him what he needed, he looked at me and said, "Yes, you can sing in the choir. Here's the music." It was a song about coming unto Christ. 
Tell Aunt Kim and everybody that I said hi and glad they made it there safe. Are you guys going to do anything fun? Is there anything fun to do? Just one more question, how many people would you say live in the town? I'm just curious and want to compare it to Brazil. Also, one more question, did you tell the church we moved? They need to update all of the information on my visa. If you haven't, please let them know ASAP =) 

Really, we didn't do much this week. We walked in the sun, the rain, and even during a windy day the other day. We taught a lot and tried to help the people get into the waters of baptism, but it just didn't happen. My companion was really stressed out about that, and he about had a breakdown. I had to explain that it will all be okay and that we aren't horrible missionaries if we didn't baptize. Even if we had told the entire ward that we would. We ended up going home and taking a break after that one. We had both been fasting, were tired, and just running like crazy. Thankfully, he's doing good now and we've had a nice p-day. We went to the church and played basketball, bought a grilled chicken for lunch, and then just played Uno with the other elders. It was good to just relax. As I get further into the mission, I can feel a need to relax on p-day haha. 

That's honestly about it. For those of you who have reached this point in the email without falling asleep, I thank you for your dilidence =)
I love you all and miss you! I'll try to do something cool this week and put it in the email next week!

Elder Sanderson

****he then sent a follow up email and this is where Aunt Bethany comes in :) ***
I met the Aunt Bethany of Brazil!!!

We were walking down the street to an appointment and this lady who is like 80 just reaches out and grabs my arm really tightly. I honestly think she's lucky I didn't knock her over or something from being so surprised by it. I ended up not doing that, and she asked for our help. To give some background on her, this lady is at that point where she is still mobile but doesn't have the greatest memory. She asked us to walk her down to a store and then ended up needing to go back home because the guy she went to visit wasn't there. So, we walk her back to her house, and as she is walking with us, she keeps saying, "Don't let me fall down," and I just couldn't help think, "don't throw me down Clark" and was tempted to reply, "I'll try not to Aunt Bethany" hahaha! There ya go, that's my funny story from the week!

****and One more email containing pictures!!!  Yahoo!!!*****

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