Friday, October 4, 2013

An email and some pictures

Week has been a very interesting one! We lost one of our teachers because of scheduling so now we have a new teacher and have lost the only female prescence we had at the MTC lol but our new teacher is really cool! He speaks very eloquently which makes it waaaaay easier to understand him! We have got most of the lessons down in Portuguese so when we get questions from our investigators that are outside of our lesson plan we can usually make the transition pretty easily! We were teaching Prayer, Faith, and the Holy Ghost the other day, but then he asked who Joseph Smith was so we completely abandoned our lesson and taught the Restoration instead! 
I'm so sorry to hear about Matt's dad =( i will definitely say some prayers for them! Mione sent me a really cool postcard the other day so tell her I said thank you!!! 
I'm not sick anymore, but I am on crutches. Don't freak out! I just sprained my ankle playing soccer on Wednesday, but it is already getting better! I was chasing a ball down but we aren't allowed to wear cleates and my foot slipped out from under me. I rolled over the top of it and heard it pop twice. When I couldn't stand up, I had two Elders in my District help me to the Medical Center to have it checked out. They said i probably sprained two of the 3 ligaments on the outside of my left foot. I received a blessing from my companion and roommates that night and I have 100% faith that I will recover in no time! I can already walk on it a little bit which they say is amazing!
In other news, Elder Pixton and I got assigned as Zone Leaders! That means that we are in charge of all the districts in our branch, right now that's only two, but we are hoping to get more Elders this coming week! It's prety cool and we are looking forward to it! 
I don't need anything, but it's getting cold here. If you send a box please send me a sweater! If you're not sending a box then don't worry about it! It's not that bad and we only go outside for a little bit during the day!
****Tara here :) this next paragraph is in reference to what I wrote him about Sarah's letter to me****
Of course I have this on lock down! I'm HD remember? =p I'm really glad you guys talk because her family hasn't said a word to me haha

Love you guys, tell everyone i said hi and that they are in my prayers!

Elder Sanderson
His district with his last Portuguese teacher Sister Dangerfield
Him on crutches. 
The Provo temple
His name tag with the temple
His and Sarah's name tags together.  Lol he is a goof.  Dang he loves that girl.  :) 

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