Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heavenly Father sent me a text message

*******This whole post is from me -Tara- none of it was from HD but it is relevant to his mission.  Read to see why. *******
You probably read that title and thought "ummmm....yeah this nut has def cracked!"  While the cracked part may be  true so is the text message part!  Here is the story....
So Tuesday HD left the MTC and headed out into the big wide world of the mission field he was temporarily reassigned to the crazy town of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Not kidding. When I saw his email last week stating he had been called to SLC I just couldn't quite believe it...our whole family lives there.  HD was born there....he just spent a year of his life just south of there in Provo.  How is that where he is supposed to be? These along with other things were amoung the thoughts I had.  Then I realized that Heavenly Father knows all of that stuff. He knows who lives there, where HD was born and where he went to college.  I also read a great talk by elder Ronald A Rasband about how missionaries are assigned.  So I felt better.  Mostly. Peaceful. Mostly. I was still trying to get used to the idea but I know that he was supposed to be there. Tuesday came and I expected to hear from his mission president (each mission has a president they are always married and they watch over the missionaries in that mission sort of like a mom and dad for the missionaries) most people get a picture and an email from the mission president once the missionaries arrive.  I was 100% fully expecting to hear something. So Tuesday I waited.....nada....Wednesday I waited.... I checked my email every five minutes all day and NADA!  I was so anxious to hear something.  I wasn't really worried that he made it or that HD was ok I know he is under the protection of The Lord but still why wouldn't the mission pres. Email me? All of last evening I went downhill I was so sad, just missing my kiddo and feeling really disconnected.  I cried and went I bed early.  I woke up at 2:30 feeling really sick I ended up getting up and coming downstairs to search for something that would help me NOT toss my cookies and I checked my phone to see what time it was.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a text that read....
"Hi! This is ......[not posting her name for privacy reasons] We had the privilege of feeding your son and his 2 other companions tonight. Elder Jacobs and Elder Shoaf. Your Elder arrived here [......,Utah] just today (maybe it was last night) while waiting for his visa, but I am sure you probably know that already. If not, now you do. ;) He was a joy to have in our home! So excited and willing to serve and some great stories. ♥ He was ecstatic  that I asked for your information to send photos and info. He wanted me to let you know this was his first meal with a family out in the field and he is doing well. ♡ I asked if it was too late to send this text, but he said with excitement, "You can send it tonight! " I sent them home with lots of leftovers and some other extra stuff. The Elders are helping me with my sharing time in primary this Sunday. I am going to try to snap some more pics then. ;) I will text and/or email them to you. Let me know if you don't get 2 pics on this text and/or pics in your email Sunday. So that you can watch for my email it's And PLEASE, please don't hesitate to ask me if you need me to get and/or do anything for him. (Or your family) It would be my pleasure. :) Thanks for sharing such a wonderful young man! ♡ My family and I appreciate it."
This is not typical! Members rarely contact the missionary's family. So there you have it. Message. From. Heaven. That sweet lady was an answer to my prayers.  Such a profound moment where I was reminded once again that my Heavenly Father is aware of me.  That He LOVES me.  I actually told Joe when he called to say hi "Heavenly Father LOVES ME!" He said he was happy about that lol -friends just want you to know that I know for sure that Heavenly Father loves us and cares about us.  He is always aware when we are hurting and while the comfort doesn't always come immediately never doubt for a second that He is there!  Amazing my friends. Simply amazing.  Here are the two pics she sent 

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