Friday, October 11, 2013

email today :)

Hey mom =)

This week has been great! Listening to General Conference with missionary ears is probably the most spiritual things I've ever done in my life! The Spirit was so strong and the whole Saturday session seemed to be aimed at missionaries! =) We all had devotional afterwards with our districts and we all agreed that Conference was AMAZING! Even just when they mention missionaries in the prayers, you can feel the Spirit running through your entire body! So cool to hear about Joe, so lame to hear about the Elders. I'm tempted to send them an email through you, but it's not my place to judge.

My ankle is doing great! I've been rehabbing for the past two days, so it's been sore, but otherwise great! I can walk just fine and have been off crutches since Sunday. Heavenly Father was just teaching me a lesson, not putting me out of commission =D Portuguese is still hard, but nothing I can't handle (I might be Elder on the outside, but still HD on the inside). We get better and better every day. We have memorized all of this in Portuguese: Our Purpose, The First Vision, Moroni 10:5, James 1:5, and the Baptismal Prayer. Our teachers are awesome and really inspirational! 

Being Zone Leader is fun! We have 3 meetings this Sunday, and are going to get to do orientation for two new districts this Wed! Our District also got to be Hosts this week. Basically, that means we get to escort the new missionaries to get their supplies, see their room, and take them to class once they get dropped off. I was a traffic director which was really fun! We just helped keep the chaos down and i got to wear an amazing bright orange vest lol.

Yes, I got the pants and am good to go for the yellow fever! Great to hear from you all!

Love you, tell everyone I said hi and that the Church is still true!

Elder Sanderson

Ps: I am singing in the MTC choir (have been since we got here) but this week is going to be awesome! A General Authority, pretty sure one of the 12, is coming here on Tuesday for devotional! The entire devotional will be played at every MTC in the world! So cool! And the choir gets to sing Praise to the Man! 

Love you,

Elder Sanderson

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