Monday, December 2, 2013

Another transfer...

Hey there family!
I'm still not sure of my address because i got tranferred again this kinda sucks. I am getting transferred to Cannon, no idea where that is, but that's how it goes! I loved this week in Bountiful so I'm bummed that I'm leaving here.
Everything else has been good, it's been getting cold here, but that's alright! We have a car now which is really nice! I'll still have one in Cannon too!
Last minute requests for Christmas would be warm socks and also a few CDs if possible! We can only listen to things that involve the Tabernacle Choir except on Pdays, P day we can listen to any LDS artists (Piano guys are awesome!). But if you don't send them then no worries!
Two from my district in the MTC got their visas this week! I'm extremely jealous of them! I think that's probably the first time since I've been out that I actually questioned why the Lord put me here. I think that it was mostly because one of them was the Elder who came out with me to SLC. But, I know that the Lord has a much better plan than i do! I also know that His plan involves me being exactly where I am at this exact time!
Love you guys,
Elder Sanderson

****got this email and I emailed him back really quick hoping to catch him I told home I wanted a longer email!!!! :) **** his response:

And i want to stay in an area for more than 5 weeks, but that's not happenin =p

****I told him he was a bum (for sending me a tounge out face!) and then told him that he is so amazing The Lord must need him all over the place!  :) 
also checked the city Cannon, Utah since I had never heard of it and nothing came up so I googled cannon stake and that's where he is going it is in Salt Lake City.  I emailed him that back and he said:   ****

I am going to SLC. I thought cannon was a city, but it's a stake just like you said. I'm going to the "ghetto" of Utah lol I can't wait to see what that's like! 

***I emailed him again and said it should be just like home :) that's all for this week!  Hopefully we will have an address next week!****

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