Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey family o mine!

Sooooo...Life is freaking crazy when you are a visa waiter. As i said, I've been in 3 areas, had 4 companions, and have only been out for 8 weeks haha! It's ridiculous really, but will be a story to tell my kids one day. Especially when I tell them that I served my mission in temperatures that ranges from 0-110 degrees, across rivers and mountains, and in cities and jungles! It will be quite the story and I may just write a book.

Cannon Stake is supposedly the ghetto of Utah. That's cute. I think that Utah needs to see where I come from before they try and declare something a ghetto! There are mostly Hispanics and Islanders here so I'm kinda unique haha. We get fed so much food by the Tongans! They won't let us go hungry that's for sure! We also live with some Tongans and almost every night when we come home there is food on the steps that lead to our basement! Elder Cooper is my new companion. He's another East Coaster and has been out for 20 months! It's kinda nice though because people give him a harder time about being so close to home than they do to me about being the new kid on the block. And yes, that is my address! Thanks for sending it to Sarah! 

It's also freaking cold here! We don't have a car so we walk everywhere! It's been down to 11ish the past few nights, but we try to forget that as we freeze our butts off haha. It's been an interesting week because we are "whitewashing" the area. That means that neither myself nor my companion were in this area before. So we don't know anyone and we don't know where anything is, but we just keep on truckin. The sisters who were here before us kinda threw us under the bus. They didn't update the area book very well so we have a lot of useless phonenumbers and a lot of addresses with only half an address. That makes contacting people very hard on us because we don't know anything about them or how to contact them or who even knows them! But we already have someone on date to be baptized and I am learning a lot from Elder Cooper! 

Nothing else to report on, just a lot of walking!

Love you guys,

Elder Sanderson

****Tara here :)  - he had some time today so we went back and forth for about 15-20 minutes which was awesome!  It was right when I was picking Haylee up from school so she got to say hi too.  :)  Wrapping all of his gifts tonight.  I got him lots of food and treats and I am wrapping those too!  lol  I even wrapped tic tacs! :) waiting for a few things to come that I ordered him and then I will send the boxes off.  Only 16 more days until we talk to him!!!!!!!!!  Yahoo!!*****

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