Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec. 23rd

Hey there family!

It's been a crazy week for us! The snowstorm did knock our power out and we were forced to just sit in our dark basement lol we should have gone out to shovel or something, but didn't even think about it! After lunch we did though and that was a lot of fun! However, shovelling snow in dress shoes is not very fun at all! 

We had our first baptism this weekend! That was my first on my mission and is was amazing!!! I will send some pictures of us and Aaron! I found out that 75% of our mission is out for less than 6 months! That is freaking nuts! Do you remember that game Lucky Ducks that we had when Sierra and I were little? I found it in someones basement the other day! It was pretty cool and Elder Cooper (my companion) remembered that game too.

Thank you for the boxes! I opened them all because I figured they would have the presents wrapped and loved the movie quotes! They made my day! Speaking of which, you should send me some quotes from Si! I've been telling Elder Cooper about them, but can't remember very many! I also got the Ward's Christmas box. Tell everyone I said THANK YOU and that I love them! I will send you a picture if you didn't see the box! I've also gotten a Christmas card from the Stake Presidency so if you see them, tell them I said thank you as well! 

Love you all! Send me your Skype info and I will talk to you on Sunday! I'll shoot a text when we are getting ready to get on, probably around 2 your time! 

Elder Sanderson

This is from ONE box that the members of our ward sent him!  It was amazing! 
That is a big peice of ice! 
His first baptism! 
He is at a skate park :)

Supposed to be on the equator but making the best of it.  :) 
These pics are from a couple of months ago 

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