Tuesday, May 13, 2014

35 weeks & Mothers Day Call :)

It was great to talk to you guys too! We (the missionaries) were on a spiritual high after talking to our families =) we couldn't fall asleep and I promise you that when a missionary talks with his family, it gets him fired up to go back to work! I feel refreshed and ready to keep on keepin' on! I pretty much said evrything I would usually have written in the email haha, but forgive me if this isn't a super long one this week. 
So, my companion and I are going to stay together this transfer. If we stay together for the next six weeks, it will be the longest that I've spent with a companion in 8 months haha, and it will only have been 2 months! Other missionaries stay together for 3 or even 4.5 months sometimes haha. I will definitely learn a lot this transfer and am going to need the blessings of the Lord, but I know that all things are possible with Him!
If you send me a box, there is one more thing I want that I forgot to tell you! I want a Nats hat! It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just one of the normal ones with the W on it. I've really been wanting one since I got here haha and Brazil just so happens to be in short supply. 
Sierra will love BYUI and then realize that BYU is where it's at =p you can tell her I said that! Just like Constance will someday realize that BYUH isn't as good as BYU either! But, I have a lot of friends who have gone to BYUI and they all loved it! 
I agree completely that it was the Spirit that was in my heart and mind when I was speaking with that guy. I was trying to say that, but just decided to agree with you when you said passionate because I don't know if I would've been able to get it out haha. But yes, I will alwys remember that, even wrote it down in my journal that night! I hope to be able to use that experience for many, many years to come. And I'm sure I'll pick some new ones up along the way!
Not too much else going on today, just chillin! I'll see if this computer will let me send you pictues so that everyone can see those black power cookies haha! Randi and Dad got a kick out of those too! 

Love you all!

Elder Sanderson

*******he is not having any luck with pictures the last couple of weeks.  We had a great chat with him.  He looks great. He is great.  He had "the most amazing experience of [his] whole mission" the day before and was able to share it with us.   I don't have time to add it now but I will add it soon.  Here are the pics we took during our phone  call Sunday.******
His tan line from his CTR ring 
Watch tan. Can't see that one as well. 
The fab five 
The three amigos! 
The ipad didn't photograph as well as the laptop.  We will use the laptop again at Christmas. 
He bought these knock off Oreos this week we were cracking up at the name "black power" so odd!  
Fingers crossed his pics work next week! 

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