Thursday, May 22, 2014

36 weeks -

Holy cow! Sounds like you guys are even busier than I am!

Four parties? I tried to get my companion to go to a birthday party yesterday (maybe a family reunion) instead of going to church, but he wouldn't allow it. I even used logical arguments, mainly that there were more people at that party than we've had at church in 2 weeks between our cities combined. It's hard right now because he is so used to people saying yes, and right now, nobody is saying yes. I'm used to that, that's how most missions in the States are, I had 6 months of no and know how to handle it, he doesn't. He's got almost two years of yes. It's not a good combination when we end up trying to talk about it. However, I'm learning about how important the Pure Love of Christ is! We don't necessarilly have to love everybody, but we have to try. Because if we don't, we just look for ways that we don't like the person or the ways that they annoy you. After that revelation hit me in the face today, I am going to try and look for the good in my companion and not the stuff we don't agree on.

Haha tell Haylee that after Brazil, I might be okay if I never have a summer break again. It's just hot all of the time. Today, I sweat enough to fill a kiddie pool and that was just during lunch. I seriously can't figure out why the Brazilians like to eat hot food. That to me just isn't the smartest thing in the world haha. "It's about 100 degrees today, we should probably cook our food over an open fire in this small room with no windows. Great idea! Then maybe we can serve it right out of the pan into their mouths!" Re-evaluate. Haha, but it's still going good down here =) 

Not too much going on, but right now we're in a different city because we have a zone meeting tomorrow with all of the missionaries in the zone. I'm excited for that because it's really nice to see other missionaries and be able to talk to them instead of my companion 24/7. With other missionaries, we can swap stories, share experiences, etc. But with your companion, you can't do that. You can't even ask how their day was because you know exactly how it was haha. I did here Willie Nelson getting blasted by some guy's radio the other day in his car haha. It was the song where he says, "You were always on my mind" haha my companion didn't even know who Willie Nelson is.  

Please make sure to tell EVERYONE that I said thank you! I can't even express how much it means to me that they are willing to help me out. I won't get mail for another 4 weeks or so, but whether their packages are here or not, I really appreciate even the thought! Always send the letters or packages to the mission office, we aren't allowed to receive them directly, and I honestly don't want to because that is just too much work and too much to chance. But I am definitely excited for the packages! When you send me your guys', send me this stuff too: sun screen! (It's like $25 american dollars a bottle here), bug spray (also really expensive)

Love you guys, think I will definitely send pictures this week!

Elder Sanderson

******He tried to send pictures but once again the computer was a no go. He was frustrated with that.  Prayers he gets a good computer next week!!********

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