Monday, May 26, 2014

37 weeks -freezing!!

Hey guys! 

Do I start every email like that? If so, oh well!

Thank you for keeping me updated on home and especially for these pictures! I think I might actually print them out and keep them with my scriptures or something =D I might look like that guy when I get home, pretty sure my hair has receeded a little bit on the mission...and parts of it are starting to go a little bit blonde.... That story about Joe and Sierra made me actually laugh out loud in the internet cafe haha! I think you guys are all nuts and that's why Sarah wants to be a part of the family too, cuz she's nuts too. 

I didn't even realize that today was Memorial Day, but I did wear my Captain America shirt! So that counts too right? I also read a little bit about the founding of the USA and the importance of the Constitution in Jesus the Chist by James E. Talmage. I think my next study topic in the Book of Mormon is going to be about liberty and freedom and the principles behind them. Another crazy thing about today, it's been a year and a half that Sarah and I have been going out, that's freaking crazy! She hasn't left me yet, so fingers crossed! haha

The week was good, lots more new investigators and the Branch President and his wife visited both of our cities for the first time in over a month and a half. We were really needing people to come to church because they might actually shut our area down soon if we don't find more people to come. But the Lord really did bless us! We had over 30 people come to church between the two cities! I don't think they'll close it if we can keep that up. And yesterday, I drank milk for the first time in 2 months! It was awesome! 

We were also in that other city for a few days and we got to eat lunch at a members house there. They gave us chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes! It was just like at Cracker Barrel and is the closest thing to American food that I've had in a long time! 

And another reminder of home that I had in that city too was that I met the missionary version of Larry! He's from North Carolina and was telling me about another missionary that I know here in the mission. He was asking me about him and then said, "Ele é meu amigo melhor" Translation: He's my good buddy. I almost died laughing when I thought about it. Because after he said it, he was like, "You're my good buddy too, but he is also." And I couldn't help but think of Larry =)

This weekend was FREEZING for us. It was 60ish degrees and we almost died. We were in Pimenta Bueno ad not Rolim de Moura and so we didn't have any of our other clothes besides what we packed for PB...It was so freaking cold haha. I thought my companion was going to die and I was feeling pretty close to the same thing. Not a good sign for when I come home lol. 

Not too much else happening, I will try again to send pictures. 

Love you guys!

Elder Sanderson

*****once again no pictures.  He said his memory card had a virus?? Hope the computer was just goofy. *********

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