Tuesday, June 17, 2014

40 weeks!! Gooooooooooollll!

GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Maravilhoso e fantástico!!! Foi muito bonito!!! 

That's what we've been saying too! 

The World Cup is probably the greatest thing in the world. I am on cloud 9 down here! We've seen just about every game, but not because we're not working, it is because EVERYONE watches it! If they aren't watching it when you show up, they usually will have turned it on so you can watch it with them haha. We watched the opening game with Brazil and Croatia in the house of our Group Leader in Pimenta Bueno, then we went out and avoided downtown while trying to teach haha. It was a freaking party! Every time Brazil scored, fireworks, cars honking, and people shouting! We were shouting and jumping right along with them! No fireworks or alcohol though. =) 

We also made it onto Facebook this week! Not our mission, but me and Elder Housely. We were at lunch with a member, and she told us that members in Brazil were going to get as many people as possible to take a picture with the Book of Mormon and post is to their Facebook and to the Facebook Page "Eu Sou SUD" (I am LDS) and see all of the pictures from around the country in one place. The member took our picture with our Books of Mormon and posted it to the Facebook page lol. She said it got a few comments and that people thought it was pretty cool. You might be able to find us on there, just look for all of the pictures from June 11th. It might be a bit of a stretch, but you never know! 

Honestly not too much else going on, just the Cup and trying to keep things moving. We have transfers on Saturday, and I think I'll be headed out. Luckily, the mission doesn't have too much money for us to travel right now, so I think I won't be going to Manaus! Woo hoo! I'll go wherever the Lord wants me, but hopefully he doesn't want me in Manaus haha. I think I'm going to Rio Branco Zone in the state of Acre. I don't want to leave the area, but we'll see what happens.

Tell Haylee that her talk was freaking awesome and that I'm going to save it in a special folder on here. I completely spaced that it was Father's Day, it's a different day down here I think. My funny moment of the week was definitely when I was kind of frustrated with Housely because he doesn't talk very loudly. He'll say something, and all I hear is fmdkmfkmdk, it's not productive in the communication process. But as I was thinking about it, I thought, "Why can't I understand him?" And then it hit me, he mumbles. My next thought: MUMBLER! From Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory haha! It made my week! (Besides the WORLD CUP! of course) Tell Sierra too that I'm praying for her and that Brother Gunnell was exactly right, the surgery will be just fine. Heavenly Father takes care of us, especially when we need Him the most. I have a personal testimony of that as a missionary. I'm also switching to reading my scriptures in all portuguese now. I finished the Book of Mormon for the third time on my mission this week, and now I want to read it in Portuguese while studying faith =) I'm excited to get started!

Love you all! I will try and get some pics to you all very soon!

Elder Sanderson

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