Saturday, June 28, 2014

41 weeks transferred to Cruzerio do Sul and pictures!!!

Hey everybody!

Holy cow, this freaking world cup is the best thing in the world!!! The country is just PUMPED! We just got done watching the Brazil game, so now we are just barely getting to emails. Recent news: TRANSFERRED AGAIN! I'm not in Pimenta and Rolim anymore, now I'm out in the state of Acre and the city of Cruzeiro do Sul. I am already loving the city and the members here! I still don't really have a house, or things in my house (again), but I lived with it for 2 months, might as well do it again right? My companion is a Brazilian which is awesome, and he seems like a really cool guy! It's going to be an awesome transfer! I'm also the Senior Companion for the first time in my mission, so that will be kind of interesting. Pray extra hard for me haha, I'm going to need it! 

Honestly not too much else going on, we have just been preparing for the transfer. President Castro will get here on Friday I think, but I won't see him until sometime later this transfer when he comes down for a Zone Conference. I hope his transfer to get here is shorter than mine was haha. We left at 2pm on Sunday to go to Porto Velho, we got there at 1am by bus, waited for an hour for our ride to pick us up, went to sleep around 230ish, woke up at 5:30am and then headed to the airport. My flight wasn't until 11:45, but we weren't sure if we would have another ride to the airport, so I decided to tag-along just in case. I ended up waiting by myself in the airport for about 5 hours before the Sister missionary who came to Cruzeiro with me got there. haha it was weird to be on my own and honestly have nothing to do. I just sat around, ate breakfast, and watched a helicopter practice it'sw landing and taking off. It was even weirder to just be travelling with only a Sister missionary. I've met her a few times, so that was cool, but it still was weird because I just kept thinking about how weird it was haha. 

I'm sure Haylee and Sierra will be just fine =) ME and Sierra didn't really get a ling for a long time, but now we're just peachy! They'll be the same way, even if it's not immediate. Tell Haylee when you see her that girl's camp will be just like HD's mission in Brazil, except she'll be able to sleep in air conditioning, not have to pay for anything, roast marshmellows, and talk to literally anybody she wants and be understood =p 

I will try sending pictures from this new internet cafe, fingers crossed!

Love you all, I will send details about the area next week and the email will be longer!

Elder Sanderson 

That's a big tiger!  
A little piece of America.  
The oldest members of the church in Porto Velho.  They are saving money to go to the temple and be sealed next year.  HD said he loves them and will miss them so much.  The closest temple is in Manaus a 10 hour bus ride and then a two hour plane ride away.  Wish I could pay for their trip! 
The "super Mario" house they call it that because they thing it looks like it is from that game :)
Wild parrots! 
This would be so cool to see! 
He said a lot of people travel by horse and buggy
D in his America tie
6 American missionaires watching the game 

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