Monday, July 7, 2014

42 weeks :) Brazil vs Chile

Hey there family of mine!

Cruzeiro do Sul is great and I am having an awesome time here! My
companion is my favorite companion that I've had in Brazil, and is
just behind Elder Day (my last US companion) on my list of best
companions. We are constantly laughing and joking and pretty much have
the same sense of humor. The funniest part is that I'm only the third
American he's ever known and so he doesn't speak very much English,
but when he does, he sounds like Gru from Dispicable Me! Haha it's

The work here is going to be pretty interesting though. I told you how
I'm senior companion, well I found out that we are also white-washing
the area (when two new missionaries go into an area), so we know
absolutely nothing about our area. We have to find all new
investigators, get to know our new branch, and try to reactivate all
of the less actives. There are a lot of those because the missionaries
before us were just baptizing anything that moved and not helping them
to stay active. It's really sad, because these people were just kind
of abandoned. We spent most of the week trying to find them and teach
them, but a lot of the addresses are no good, so we ended up just
doing a lot of walking and very little teaching. That came back to
bite me when the Zone Leaders called last night and chewed me out for
not teaching enough. They went about that completely the wrong way,
now I'm just trying to be humble enough to accept it and move on. Way
harder than I thought it would be.

Everything else is good though! Even though they chewed me out for not
teaching enough, I'm still going to watch the USA game tomorrow =p and
I could care less what they say about that! Our week this week will be
a lot better though! We now know the members, and have started to find
new families to teach in our area. We also found a house, and I get to
go and finalize the contract tonight!

Sounds like girls camp was fun as usual! Welcome to my world of not
having an AC =p I have slept in the AC less than 10 times in the last
3 months, you just get used to it after a while. Tell Bishop Martin
that I said thank you the next time you see him! I'm glad that Haylee
had a good time, and if she does bring it up again about the girls
talking about her, that it doesn't matter. There are people here that
do that about the missionaries, but we don't even care what they think
because we know exactly who we are and are having a ton of fun!

That Brazil game was CRAZY! I'm going to email Constance Flake today
because she's serving in Chile hahaha. I won't send pictures this
week, because the internet here is extremely slow today. There might
be some days this transfer where I can only send a quick one. It
sucks, but that's life out here =/

Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Elder Sanderson

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