Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 months -bread and water

Hey there mom and fam! 

The week was definitely a let down when it came to the World Cup, but I've been saying that Germany was going to be in the final since the cup started. I did get to watch the Brazil games and it was pretty sad. I'm not Brazilian, but just to watch the fans and the players was heart-breaking. One of the perks about speaking Portuguese is that I can listen to the interviews after the game. David Luiz was interviewed and he cried his eyes out while constantly apologizing to the entire country. He said that the greatest experience of his life was to play in the World Cup in his home country. Even as he was leaving the field and they only had the camera on them, he was looking into the stands and apologizing. The second Brazil game (Saturday) was just a plain flop. They should have played waaaaay better than that, but there were also some bad calls too. 
For the Final, it all came down to your own personal views as a missionary. If you felt like you could watch it, you watched it. If you felt like you needed to be working,you worked. Elder Camargos and I did both.We went to our lunch apointment and missed the first half, but then we went to a family who is less active and watched the second half with them and sharing a message with them afterwards. The game was really good! But I was hoping that Argentina would win it all, Messi deserves it! But yes, I agree completely that the goal was beautiful!

In other news, I met President Castro this week! He and Sister Castro came to our Zone and had a big "Get to know your President" meeting with the missionaries! They are awesome! I can't wait to work more with them over the rest of my mission and it was a lot of fun to get to know them! He is a Spiritual Giant and knows the scriptures to the point of just quoting them whenever he wants. One of the coolest things that he said to us was about his final training meeting to be a mission president. He said that in the final meeting, they (and the other mission presidents) were able to have a Sacrament Meeting with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency! He told us that the coolest part of the entire thing was when they concluded with a prayer just for the missionaries in the world today. Every single member of the Twelve and the First Presidency got down on their knees and prayed for us. The Spirit really hit me when I thought about that; that even President Packer is on his knees praying for us because of how much they love us and how important they know we are. I'm one of the missionaries they pray for, and I don't think I can even begin to understand how much they love us. 
President Castro also gave us a bit of news from the First Presidency and the Twelve. He said that from now on, we are to teach all 5 lessons (Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Commandments, and Laws and Ordinances) before baptism! Before, it was just the first 4, but now, we are teaching all 5! It's not a huge change, but will make teaching different for sure because we will teach more about things like the Priesthood and Temples before their baptism. Usually, you touch on these things, but now we can teach them in our other lessons with more detail.

Other than that, really not much going on. We're perfectly safe, and have been safe all week. Our members are really getting into the work with us, and we should be going out with them to teach almost every night this week! If I was coming home for dinner, it would be fast food =p they have it here, but it's like $20 (way outside of our price-range). But I'd honestly be happy with any food from America. Or food at all, haha our money for food didn't come in today and we are all about out of money. It will get here tomorrow, but we don't have food in the house besides bread. Even our water is almost gone, and we don't have anymore propane, so we'll buy all of that tomorrow, Jesus Christ said not to worry about what you should eat, where you should sleep, or what you should wear, but sometimes I think that we come a little to close to the line haha. It will be much easier to teach now that the Cup is over! We are really looking forward to this week! 

That's about all for the week. It was completely uneventful outside of these few paragraphs. Actually, one last thing! We had quite a few less active kids and investigators at church yesterday, but the story is awesome! And short, not a very long story. We split up with members to go and walk with our investigators to church. I had a grand total of 0 with me and the brother I was with, but Elder Camargos came back with about 6 kids who all have less than 10 years and no dicipline. I walked into the church, and I saw two people that were just covered in tatoos, and another guy who we met in the street who has some form of mental problems that most people would label as crazy. So what ended up happening, was that Elder Camargos and I spent the entire 3 hours baby-sitting, trying to communicate with two indians (the man and woman with tatoos) and a crazy guy. I can honestly say that I don't think my hands have ever been that full in church! When the other missionaries asked us how church was, I simply said, "It was good. Six kids, 2 indians, and a crazy guy. Should be a good week." We laughed our heads off about that haha. 

Love you all! We'll see what adventures we run into this week!

Elder Sanderson 

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