Tuesday, July 22, 2014

45 weeks -the candy man

Hey guys!

How is everything back home? Sometimes, boring is pretty good news! We had a very interesting week. It was a good week when you look at our goals for lessons and things like that, but we ended the week feeling like we hadn't really done anything significant. It was weird, I'm excited for this week! Should have lots of people to teach and if all goes well, four baptisms on Sunday! That's if all goes to plan haha,usually it doesn't, but we keep on keepin' on right? 

In the news for us this week: Brazil fired their head coach! I wasn't to happy about that, I really liked him and his personality as a coach. We did hear about the plane over Russia, but all we heard was that a plane went down and that was it. We were just passing by in the street though, so we didn't really have time to stop and listen. I bought a hamock this week! We have 3 places for them in our new house, so I decided it was time to get one! I also fell out of the hamock haha. It was funny in the moment, but my butt and elbow still hurt after about three days haha. 

Church was good for us yesterday! We had even more indians in the meetings! One of them wanted to get to church last week, but he had to travel 8 days to get here from his house! We're gonna stop by and see them this week and see if they would like to be baptized this coming week. We also had about 8 kids in Sacrament meeting with us. They were  there last week too, but we had a really hard time controlling them. However, this week, we came up with a plan that we put into action yesterday! What do kids love? Candy! What do we want them to do? Stay seated and silent. So we combined the two! We wrote down on pieces of paper 4 words: Amen, God, Jesus Christ, and Book of Mormon. The kids had to listen to all the words spoken over the pulpit and sung in the hymns; for every time they heard those words, they put a tally down on their paper under the word they heard. What Iearned: Kids are little lawyers! "What about father? Does that count for God? What about Lord? He said book! That counts right?" were only a few of the questions that they asked me, and then they began to read the hymn book looking for the words too! It took all that I had to keep them focused on just the 4 words, answer their questions, and mark my own paper to make sure that they weren't cheating! In the end, the kids in the entire branch were playing with us, and for every 10 marks, they won a piece of candy. Our new goal: Not to go broke buying candy for the kids. However, all in all, it was a huge success and the members were really impressed/entertained with the idea!

Thats really about it for the week. We didn't do anything crazy or excited, but that's how it is for us sometimes. We are really excited for the week ahead and have a lot planned! We gained 23 new investigators this week, so that should keep our hands full for a little while! 

Love you all! 

Elder Sanderson

Love you guys bunches! And yes, I can still remember you calling me buster brown =)

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