Monday, July 28, 2014

46 weeks- trunky

Hey everybody!

The week was pretty good! Lots of mission drama going on in my zone right now, but we're finally moved out of our house and into the new house! That just means that Elder Camargos and I don't have to deal with it anymore! We're still doign great! Almost had 3 baptisms this weekend, but the adversary is definitely at work with our investigators. Two of the three are twin sisters, but their mom said that they weren't allowed to go to church yesterday. She signed the paper on Saturday night that said they could be baptized, but I guess her mind changed. We are going to try and work with them this week, and hopefully her mind changes this week. We also have been teaching a woman who is progressing more than almost any other investigator that I've had during my mission! She is reading the Book of Mormon, she likes it more than the Bible because it's easier for her to understand, she feels the Spirit when she is reading, and has kept all of her commitments (read, pray, etc.) and accepted the invitation to be baptized on Saturday! However, satan is working against her too because when I passed by on yesterday morning to walk to church with her and her kids, she said she wasn't going to go because it was cold. Granted, it was chilly for us (probably 75) and she gave an excuse that I've heard a million times here in Brazil (it's cold, it's raining, it might rain, it's too hot, the sun is out, etc.) but she said she will go to church this week. I just hope that she does, because we want to baptize her Sunday (can't be Saturday since she didn't go to church) and help her to meet the members. Pray especially hard for her! We're hoping to have about 5 or 6 baptisms this week, but we'll see what happens. 

In other news, transfers are this weekend too! I'm probably going to stay here, but it's all in the hands of the Lord. I'm hoping that I'll stay here with Elder Camargos, but he has a lot of time here in Cruzeiro, so he might leave. I think if he leaves, I'm going to train. I still don't want to be a trainer, but it's coming up haha. Also, I finally got sick. Mom, jinxed me. She's been asking for two or three weeks if I have been sick or if I am sick. The answer: Yes, this week. But it wasn't anything crazy, I think I just had a little bit of heat exhaustion. Elder Camargos had it too. We moved into our new house after a really stressful day, and then had a very hot day in the sun afterwards, and it just kind of hit us. We were at lunch with the other missionaries in our branch, and they asked if we had dedicated our house haha. It was bad enough to where they thought that we had a spirit in our house haha. I just felt sick to my stomach and like I didn't have any energy, so we went home and slept for about 3 hours before getting up and going back to work. Everything is good now, just gonna keep on keeping on!

Here's something funny from the week. We were in our lunch appointment the other day, and they had the tv on. We didn't have anything else to do while we were waiting to eat, so our eyes just happened to drift towards it ;p it was 50 First Dates. I don't know if you guys know what "trunky" is, but it's when a missionary misses home, he's trunky. I haven't been that trunky in a long time haha. Watching the different parts of the movie only made me think of how many jokes we've made from it. The part where Adam Sandler is singing the Beach Boys, "You know it's gonna be that much better when we can say goodnight and STAAAAAY together," I was cracking up. The part when she's singing and painting the garage and Adam Sandler asks, "Wouldn't you want to wake up to that every day?" and the brother says, "Not really, she sings like crap" haha we were all doubled over laughing. Definitely going to watch that movie when I get home =) 

Sounds like trek was awesome! I still have very fond memories of trek =) I haven't looked at the pictures you sent me yet, but will after I send this. You also got a little bit of the taste of being a missionary, especially when you were in the field trying to start a fire. We wear weird clothes every day, people look at us like we're crazy, it's hard to do, but you wouldn't every trade a minute of it. It's exactly what your Heavenly Father wants you to do, and that's all you care about =) I'm far from the perfect missionary or perfect person, but it's like Elder Holland said, "Heavenly Father has only ever worked with imperfect people here on earth besides his Son, Jesus Christ." And I'm alright with that as long as I can keep doing my part.

Really not too much else going on! The work is still amazing, my testimony is growing every day, and I am learnign how to be better every day too! I hope that everything is good for you guys =) Because it sure is for me!

Love you guys and miss you! Talk to you in August!!!!

Elder Sanderson

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