Monday, July 7, 2014

43 weeks ~no more stingray stick!

Hey everybody!

I hope everybody had a great 4th of July and that they truly appreciated everything they have! I didn't do anything too special for the 4th, just walked in the hot sun and did the same old same old haha. However, I did wear my Captain America shirt in our house and hung up my American Flag from the bunk bed! The week was pretty good over all, still not as many lessons as I want in our week, but we had a baptism! We didn't see too many fireworks because everybody is worried about the game tomorrow. We lost our best forward and our best defender/team captain...we'll see what happens. I also received my package from dad and some letters from Sarah and the Volks! The mail was awesome, and I have another package that should get here this week (here to me, not just to the mission) because the Mission office called me and told me some stuff I'll have to do to receive it! This coming week, we get to meet our new Mission President! I'm really excited for that! He gets here on Wednesday and will stay until Thursday afternoon

Our baptism was the coolest thing ever! I was with one of our zone leaders for missionary splits, and we were working in our area because they want to see how I'm doing as a senior companion. We had just left a meeting and were on our way to another one, but a man called out to us from the window of his house. He began talking to us like we were old friends, but I didn't recognize him. I asked if he was a member of the Church and he said no, but that he was going to one of our chapels in Manaus! We asked why he hadn't been baptized, and he said it was because he's always travelling for work, but that he wants to be. I asked if he wanted to get baptized here in Cruzeiro do Sul, and he said, "They have the Church here?! Yes, I want to!" We asked if we could pass by after our meeting, but he wasn't availableuntil Saturday. Saturday is the day they have baptisms here, so we decided to pull off a bit of a miracle. Elder Camargos (my companion) and I went to his house Saturday morning and taught him every single lesson: The Restauration, The Plan of Salvation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Commandments in about 2 hours. He already knew a lot of it, and remembered all of the other stuff we taught him! He was baptized Saturday and confirmed yesterday! It was the coolest thing! 

Not too much else going on! Just trying to keep doing what the Lord wants me to! I haven't gotten sick at all, and am still feeling really good. I only have soreness in my legs because our area is nothing but hills. These hills are serious business though, none of them are just a gradual climb, they are really steep. Tell Sierra I'm glad that her surgery went good! I'm gonna send her a birthday email too, I almost sent it last week, but we had really, really bad internet and it was frustrating just to even get on the computer. It's Sarah's birthday too this week, It should be on Saturday, so I'm sure she'd be happy to see an email for that =) She mentioned you in her letter mom, just said that she loves talking to you and that you're awesome! I didn't even have to tell her to say that =p 

I am still working on getting a new memory card, but I will send you a picture of the baptism when my companion uploads them from his camera! 

Love you all! Hope that everything is going great! 

Elder Sanderson

*****asked him a few more questions about his area:  
"Does your new city have a branch? A building? A font? Just wondering if you need a stingray stick at the new place. Lol"
His reply: 
"My city has 3 branches and a group. I split one of the branches with another companionship and we share the group. The group meets on the other side of the river, so that is always a fun trip! We jsut walk across the bridge, but it's still fun! We have a chapel that is only a year-old, and it is great! They have a font too, so I don't have to use a stingray stick haha."

I am glad there is no more stingray stick!!!!  :) **********

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