Monday, June 9, 2014

9 months! World Cup Time!

Hey there family of mine!

IT'S TIME FOR THE GREATEST EVENT IN THE WORLD!!!! The country is fired up for the cup! Our two cities have pretty much gotten a face lift with Brazil colors, flags, paint jobs, and so much more! The best part, the Cup is on the same day as Brazil's Valentine's Day! It's going to be quite the day for a good number of couples here. We will be right in front of the TV for the opening game haha. Speaking of sports, that freaking sucks that that horse didn't win the crown! I've been thinking of it all week!!!! We also have a new investigator here who likes to watch the NBA (that is pretty much nonexistent here) and he said he'd keep us updated on the Cup and the Finals haha! The members are already talking trash about the Cup to us haha. The other day, Elder Housley said something about wearing his US Soccer jersey, and one of our members said, "They have those? Does it have Mickey Mouse on it?" Haha I was cracking up!

The week was good, it seemed long, but not any longer than normal. We had missionary splits with Elder Johansen (my last comp.) and his current companion Elder Thompson. Elder Housely stayed with Johansen in Pimenta Bueno and I got put in Rolim de Moura for Saturday and Sunday. It was a pretty good few days with Elder Thompson, he has less time than me on his mission (7 months), so I was actually the senior companion for the first time in my mission. It was pretty fun! I'm really grateful to Heavenly Father because I didn't get lost or anything like that haha. It was kind of a bittersweet Saturday because we had really good lessons, but an investigator we have been teaching for 2 months said that if he doesn't receive a response to his prayers about the Church by the 11th, he's going to be baptized into another church. It was hard to hear because I know that he already has an answer. He has told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and is the coolest guy in the world. He did say we could still go and watch the Cup at his house though if we want. He has no problem being our friend, just wants to find the truth and hasn't realized that he's got it. I did my best to explain that he has received his answer and I think he liked it. He showed up to church for the first time in 5 weeks, so that's progress!

I haven't heard from President Klein yet, but I also haven't read my email from him yet in the missionary website, so we'll see what happens. I was talking with Elder Thompson about it a little bit and he said, "yeah, we heard about it" Haha which is awesome because he serves up in the north of the mission and we are down here in the south. He was like, "If you din't mind me asking, what did you do?" Lol it was pretty funny to talk to him about it. 

We only get mail once per transfer, and that was 3 weeks ago (more or less), I only got two letters from Sarah, a letter from the Gunnels, and a letter from Marcus Norton in the ward. No packages, should get them this month or the first week of next month probably. We basically get mail once every 6 weeks if you're not in Manaus, so that's why I'm still waiting on them. I will let you all know as soon as I get them though! When you get my package sent, send me a USB too! Doesn't have to be very much gig, just want to have a back up just in case. =)

Tell the Merrill kids that they are awesome! That made me smile more than anything has in the last few weeks! They are pretty much the smartest kids ever, but to keep my humility in check, I'll say that the first one was better haha. It's definitely going into my journal!

Here's my list of stuff to write home for the week:

Please change my profile settings on FB, people cannot see so much about me. Brazil is going to be a little dangerous over the next month or so and some people are scared there might be times that are unsafe for us. Obviously, Heavenly Father will take care of us, but I can help him out a little bit with that too.

Other than that, no pics again, I have to buy a new converter because I don't know where mine went...that kinda sucks, but oh well! This week I'm going to buy an Indianna Jones hat too! They only sell them here, so I don't know if I'll have another chance! I also ate cow stomach on stomach still turns when I think about it...It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't recomend it to anyone. But to balance that out, I also had Pineapple and mint juice! It was so freaking good! 

Anyways, that's all she wrote for this week! Only a few more days until I hit 9 months, so crazy!

Love you all,

Elder Sanderson

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