Wednesday, June 24, 2015

92 weeks -baptism with rain water

It's only seven more weeks? Haha just kidding, I can't believe it either! I'm excited! I'm excited to be home and excited to be able to finish my mission strong. That's exactly what we're doing here =) 
We had a great baptism yesterday! It was raining so hard that the power went out. As such, the font couldn't be filled and we were in a bit of a pickle. We decided to put 6 buckets out in the rain and hope for the best. Afterwards, we used these buckets to fill the font up to about my knees. We got in the water and had to get on our knees for me to be baptized. It was a baptism I will never forget. He left the water with tears in his eyes and just seemed to light up with the Holy Ghost. I can now say that I've baptized someone with rain water =)

Tell Joe I said happy father's day and happy aniversary to you both. I don't even remember when American holidays are anymore...oh well haha. I'm grateful he's been around for so long too. Tell Haylee that I would love to go to the farm with her. I am loving the mission and loving how hard we're working, but man does it make you tired. I'm not as tired as I was with Elder Ribeiro (my "son") because Elder Salas has way more time in the mission than he did, so I don't have to micromanage. Elder Salas actually goes home in 7 days (not weeks), so I'll be getting a new companion next week! Lots of areas in the mission are going to shut because we don't have enough missionaries. We'll see if I get to stay in an area that stays open. 
Other than that, the week was really uneventful. We're going to try and get a lot of work done this week, but we are going to have lots of meetings to attend as well.It should go by fast, but hopefully not too fast =p

Love you all!
Elder Sanderson

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