Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey momma and family!

Everything is going great out here! We are loving life and have been on a spiritual high since meeting with Elder Bednar on Friday!!! The entire 3.5 hours was Q and A! We learned so much from him and from the Spirit that was in the meeting with us! He was really funny because he could relax a little more in front of us, but you could feel the authority that he has from the back row (that's where we were)! I got to speak with him in a kinda one-on-one way because he called on me to make a comment. So cool! A few minutes before hand he had almost called on me, I know that because he seriously stared into my soul and it was crazy haha, even my companions noticed! The coolest thing we heard him say though was when he bore his testimony: he said, "With the Holy Apostolic Authority which I hold, I bear record of these things..." I know with all of my heart that that is true. I can't even describe the feeling in that room because of how strongly the Spirit was there. Every person froze, I tried to make myself move and I couldn't. It was awesome! 

We're getting ready for T-day! Have at least 3 dinners lined up so far with more on the way! I haven't gotten your package yet, but will keep an eye out for it! I don't have anything specific for treats besides sunflower seeds! That's what i really miss and can't afford haha! That's fine if you send presents whenever, I have no problem with that. Awesome to hear about Joe and his last class! Haven't heard from Chris, but i saw Sarah Cheney the other day at church! It was hilarious and she said she'd get me Chris' email!

Thanks for writing Sarah, haven't heard a word from her family! Haha so you're the favorite parent in my opinion =D I have heard from most of the fam except for Grandpa Terry, but I'm gonna write him next week! I promise I'll write this week and tell you all about Elder Bednar and the miracles I've seen! 

Love you!

Elder Sanderson

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