Monday, November 4, 2013

Finally an email from the field!

A little preface to this email from me-Tara -the mom :).     HD got an email Friday that the church needed one more bit of paperwork to send to the consulate. Our bishop called me -he was cc'd on the email and let me know. I emailed HD to tell him not to panic that I knew what was needed and sent the document today but he didn't read my email he read the email from the church and panicked and sent me a text!  Kind of fun to get a text from him, but so hard to have a phone number for him and not be able to communicate that way.  I responded to his text but just to let him know I had taken care of things.  Anywho his email is after he read my response to his text.

From HD:

Thank you!!! I just texted you haha (dont worry, my ZLs said it was okay). 

how are you guys!? I'm doing awesome! I love Tooele and we have 5 people on date for baptism right now! That's not a guarantee, but it's a good start! Halloween for us was pretty boring, we had Pday and then did weekly planning. I didn't email because we couldn't get a ride to the church -_- but thats how it is when you don't have a car! Our area is pretty big and just to get to the neighborhood where we are assigned we have to walk 3/4 of a mile! But it is so great to be out in the field! I'm learning more and more every single day and have even been teaching lessons in Portuguese! There is a foreign exchange student here who isn't a member and lives in Sao Paulo! It's awesome! 

My companions are really cool! One is from PA and the other from NC! So they put the East coast together! I also got your guys' package! Thank you! The jeans fit perfect and the gloves and stuff have already been used! 

Yes please to another sweater! See if you can find one for me that goes under a suit coat because that is the requirement with them! Also, if you are going to send Christmas stuff (i know it's super early) our mission president wants them sent to our mission home before thanksgiving because we will be having a mission-wide christmas devotional on Dec. 11! I know with my visa that is pretty random, but if the time comes up then you can send it (i'll let you guys decide). Please send the under armor too please! 

I am doing great! Like i said, I love it here! I have already seen so many miracles and I can feel the strength that heavenly father gives me every day! The Spirit runs through us like I've never seen before and it is amazing! I know that this is where I need to be and that I have been sent here to learn and to grow in preparation for Brazil! 

Love you all!

Elder Sanderson

PS I will write this week with some of those miracles!

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