Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday transfer

*****Tara here: I was extra happy to get this email today because I got a text last night-from a memember of his ward that told me he was being transferred quickly and unexpectedly so he may not have time to email today and he didn't want me to worry :) so glad he emailed!! ****

Oi! Como vie minha familia?

So, I've been transferred to Bountiful! I found out yesterday and then left this morning haha! From the 2 hours I've been here, it seems like a pretty nice place. I was able to see the Wood family a few days ago and they said to tell you hi! They thought I was Krissy because they could remember another kid besides you and Ty lol but i said that wasn't me, but that I was your son. 

I'm really going to miss Stansbury! Those members and the people we worked with were awesome! But, a perk from going to BYU is that I can go visit them when I get home. Did you get a text from Sister Jen Klenk? They are the family that is going to get my suitcase whenever I leave to Brazil and said that they would take it to grandma because Brother Klenk works in West Valley. They are such a cool family and treated us like their own kids! I'm gonna miss them a lot, but like i said, will go see them when I get home!

Not much else going on lol just getting ready to start the day. But Bountiful seems pretty cool! There are 17 wards for me and my companion so that is going to be wild, but we will for sure be working quite a bit! We also have a car which is AWESOME! I won't get to drive, but I still get to ride around! I might actually start gaining weight for Brazil now (grandma Huhmann said that I'm "so thin" lol). 

I don't know if Bountiful will be my permanent place for the next transfer, but will be here at least for this week. I'll send you my address when I find out where I'm going next Monday. Until then, the Lord needs me here!

Tell Haylee that I'm always praying for her and that Heavenly Father is watching over her even more than usual because I'm a missionary and that's part of the blessings a family gets for having someone be on a mission! At least that's how it goes if you are an obedient missionary lol but I'm obedient so there's no worries there! 

I love you all so much and thank Heavenly Father every day for giving me the family that I have in my life! There is no one who I'd rather call family than all of you! Have a great Thanksgiving! And make sure to watch Christmas Vacation for me! 

Love you,

Elder Sanderson

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