Tuesday, February 11, 2014

22 weeks

Hey there familia de Elder Sanderson!

My birthday was awesome! It was a ton of fun because I got to spend it with my District all day. Friday's are our weekly planning sessions from 10-4 so it was nothing but laughter and more funny memories. The pants fit perfect! The cupcakes were good too. You sent 12 of them and there are 12 missionaries in my district, but Elder Day and I decided we're going to be selfish and eat them all. Not very missionary-like I suppose, but it was my birthday =p I got the mosquito net, but not the tie...I'll keep looking for it though. Were they supposed to come in the same package? I also got the bank card and have activated it. Is my Wells Fargo account closed now? We've seen some of the Olympics too haha. There was a family we are working with who are less active and are die hard sports fans! They said they'll let us come over when the snowboard halfpipe is on haha. It was cool to see the USA competing, even if it was just for a little bit. We actually saw the girl go down on the snowboard last night! She was definitely knocked out for a few moments we think. Thank you for all of the Birthday stuff too! Tell everyone that I said thank you! 

We had a pretty good, but somewhat slow, week this week. I got to hear George Strait on the radio when we went out to lunch earlier in the week and that was awesome! I also drank some "apple juice" that looked like water and tasted gross. But I didn't die, so that's alright! I went out with one of our Zone Leaders on exchanges. He is a Spanish-speaking missionary and we went to his area so I had to try and understand spanish all day. For the most part, I got what was being said because the words were so close to Portuguese. I mostly just said the prayers in Portuguese and tried not to fall asleep in lessons. We were at the DI on Saturday and these two girls who were probably 10 ran up to Elder Day and I and started singing, "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's some scriptures, get baptized maybe?" And then ran away. It was very interesting haha. We also had chicken hearts thrown at us from some sister missionaries in our district. Apparently, they are common food in Brazil, and the sisters had gotten them from a Brazilian restaurant in SLC. We couldn't drive away fast enough haha. I can now say that I've had chicken hearts thrown at me.

That's about it for this week, no news on Brazil yet, so I think I'll finish the month here!

Love you all,

Elder Sanderson

PS I also got a package from the Wilkersons tell them I said thank you! I am going to send them a card. 

This is Elder Raveneau from France he's awesome!! 
Us attempting to move a mattress with twine and duct tape
My birthday cake
Our district climbing the mountain of missionary work 

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