Tuesday, February 18, 2014

23 weeks

*********a disclaimer from Tara --I have been using Siri to type my emails.  She doesn't always understand what I am saying so she puts in her own words lol I try to read what I told her to type and correct any errors but I obviously didn't catch them all yesterday LOL -hey  In my defense I was watching the Olympics with Sierra amd chatting and typing so there was a lot going on :) next week I'll type it. This letter may seem a little disjointed from him too as there were a few things he asked me not to post on the blog.*********

Lots of progress this week! We have 7-9 people we are going to try and put on date to be baptized by Friday! So there is definitely progress bbeing made! I got the Valentine's box, thank you! But please don't use Siri to type any more messages haha, it made my head hurt to try and see where sentences stopped or began. That is awesome! Good for Tyler!     *****[his friend Tyler got his visa and left for Brazil this week]*****.  The few days heads up is perfectly normal. They'll tell me and then I'll leave probably 3 days later. I feel great! There is 0 stress about anything concerning Brazil in my life. I'm happily serving the Lord exactly where he needs me. Gee, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have to go to church everyday...=p That's awesome that Sierra came home for a few days! And again, please don't use Siri anymore when you write me. It adds a tremendous amount of work to my emailing and we only have so much time to do it. Love you! 

We've had a great week this week and the temple was awesome! we went to a valentine's dance that we didn't know would be a dance for one of our wards haha it was awesome! They played: Ice Ice Baby and we had to do a dace off, the missionaries, the bishopric, and others from the ward council. They also played, I like to move it, we are family, footloose, faithfully, and a bunch of other good songs! It was fun to be able to hear them haha! My new pet peeve in life is Spanish. I am so sick of people either claiming I speak Spanish or talking to me in spanish just because they see "Cristo" and then assuming that I understand it. 

Sorry for the short email today, but we are in a rush!

Love you all!

Elder Sanderson

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