Wednesday, February 26, 2014


He made it this morning!!  Here is his email:

I made it to the MTC in Brazil! It is freaking awesome so far. Turns out, we're the first group to ever do this in the history of the Church. No pressure I guess! They are telling us that instead of being in class for 2 out of 3 periods of the day, we will be there for 3 of 3...that will either be really helpful or really boring! Sao Paulo is amazing! It's such a big city! On P-day we get to go to the temple here and also get to explore the city with our companions. All of the missionaries in my district have been waiting from 6-12 months for their visas! It's crazy! But 6  of the 20 or so of us are going to Manaus which will be sweet! Gotta go, they only gave us 10 minutes!
Elder Sanderson
PS I dont know when P-day is, but it sounds like it's either Friday or Tuesday. I'll email you whenever it is!

The MTC President also emailed and sent this picture :)

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