Monday, January 5, 2015

68 weeks -AWKWARD!

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year! Hope Christmas was great for everybody! 

The weekend was good, but we didn't do anything too exciting, so this will probably be a pretty short email =) It was great to talk to all of you guys last week! An than you again for all of the great gifts! We already broke into the starburst and jolly ranchers! There is also a bag of goldfish that already got eaten too =) And thank you for the ties, shirts, and pants! I am washing all of them today, so I will start wearing white shirts this week (all of the others are a yellowish haha). 

We honestly didn't do anything this weekend haha. We just walked in the sun, the rain, and the sun. Church was good on Sunday because we had one of our investigators there, he seemed to like it! It was the Primary Program, so who wouldn't like it? We are going to keep teaching him this week and see if he prayed about the Book of Mormon yet. We also found a new family that we are teaching. It is a dad an his five kids. They are really great and the Church is going to help their son. I don't now exactly what it is, but the son has three holes in his neck from some kind of blood disease. He is able to eat and breathe, but can't talk very much and needs to see a specialist. The Church is going to help him get the help he needs, because the hospitals only do the basics. 

I also had an awkward experience last night...we were walking home from some lessons, and a lady stopped us in the street. She ased if she could talk to us, and of course we agreed. We hadn't been talking to her for more than 5 minutes when she started to cry her eyes out and say that she had lost her son. We thought she meant her son was lost like if a child goes missing, but that's what makes this story awkward. She was saying she would never see him again and crying and crying and crying. We asked the son's name, his age, when the last time she saw him was, etc. Then I asked her if she knew where her son was staying. She looked at me and said, "the cemetery." AWKWARD. I felt so bad, so I just tried to change the subject really fast and teach her about the Plan of Salvation. We told her that she will be able to see her son one day and that she doesn't have to be sad that he's gone. She seemed to calm down, but was also a little drun, so her emotions were all over the place. We found out later that her son died a year ago, but we are going to visit her this week and teach her about how our families can be eternal =) 

Way to go with your missionary experience too! It is fun to be a missionary for a little bit =) And tell Sam Lee that I understand about wanting to hit a guy too haha. I would have felt the same way. Going to the game would be awesome! I'm definitely going to all the Provo games! I want to buy the sports pass again, so if you could loo up when that is going to be on sale, that would be great! I can't wait to go back to BYU and go to the sports games! Go Broncos! We're gonna put a beat down on the Seahawks this year! 

That's really about all I've got for this week =) Just keep praying for Joe and I know it will all work out! 

Love you guys! Have a good week and a Happy New Years!

Elder Sanderson

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