Monday, January 12, 2015

70 weeks -cold and rainy

********Tara here: when I emailed him I typed "hello buddy boy" and I mistyped something So it ended up saying buffoon boy lol.  Funny coincidence that I woke up in the night right around 3 not feeling well either.  Must have had some sympathy sickness for my kiddo.  :) ************

Hey everybody! I'm glad I'm not a buffoon too =p that wouldn't be very good at all.  *******

Those Cabbage Patch Kids definitely don't have to be lonely haha. I'm sure Joe just used that hat to pick up all the girls! I need to get one! 

It was pretty cold this week too! We were just trying to stay dry through it all. It rained cats and dogs this week almost EVERY DAY. It was crazy! We just tried to move fast and keep out of it. It was nice though because it got cooler and we didn't sweat very much =) Last night was crazy though. I got to not be feeling well when we were at the church for Ward Council after lunch. I just felt really tired and started to get aches and pains in my body. We went to Ward Council and then straight home. I thought I had a fever, but the thermometer said otherwise. I was just really hot before I went to sleep, but I took medicine and that helped a little. At about 2 or 3 in the morning, I woke up and was FREEZING cold. It was so weird. My body hurt any time I moved it to another part of the bed and I just was cold. I turned my fan off and shut the window, but was still cold. I was actually shivering because of how cold I was. I went to my suitcase and pulled out me jeans, socks, and a t-shirt to try and help, then went back to my bed. It was the first time in Manaus that I wanted the sun to come back out haha. I woke up and wasn't feeling too much better, but it has gotten better as the day progressed. We played basketball at the church this morning with some of the young men, but don't worry, I sat out....for the first game. It was 4 brazilians, a chilean, and an American who is a band kind of guy vs a sports kind of guy. The sorriest thing I've ever watched. It is a good thing that they didn't have a ref haha. I was just calling fouls to myself every two seconds, "Double dribble, travel, travel, foul, foul, reaching foul, double dribble, etc" haha and I couldn't let it go on any longer. They had taken about 10-15 shots a piece and it was 2 to 1. I stood up, subbed in for one of the brazilians, and then played the rest of the game. We won =) 

We went to Manaus earlier in the week too =) It was just for a Zone Training and it was fun. The travelling was kind of sucky (we left at 5am) but the bus was nice. We stayed there until about noon and then headed back to our city. It's only about a two-hour drive, and I took some cool pictures =) The worst part was having to carry a box of Books of Mormon (about 40 of them) through the streets of Manaus until we got back to the bus stop. We walked about an hour taking turns carrying the dang thing haha. I looked at Elder Battraw and asked, "Do we even need these? Why don't we just give them all out right now?" But we only had about 3 more in our house, so we had to continue on. We made it home though! 

Honestly, that's about all from the week haha. It just rained and rained and rained. We are still trying to get some baptisms this coming week, so we'll see how it works out =) We also have transfers on Sunday! I'm pretty sure I'll stay here, but I've said that before...I hope I stay here though =) I will let you all know on Monday!

Love you guys! 

Elder Sanderson

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