Monday, January 5, 2015

69 weeks -SEE you this year!!

Happy 2015!

I can already tell this is going to be a good year! It's like I'm going home or something =p I'm still not counting, but man is going to get here faster than I want it to...How was everyone's New Year's? I hope it was good! We had a pretty relaxing day/night that day. President didn't give us any special hours like at Christmas, so everybody just spent the day doing normal teaching and visits. We didn't really do much other than that. We did go to the public square to get something to eat (everywhere else was closed) that night which was cool because we got to see the stage set up and everybody getting ready for New Years. It was really funny when an AIDS Awareness team showed up and stood at the entrance to the square with the cops. They were handing stuff out and I thought, maybe we'll get a bracelet or something when we head out. As we passed by, the two girls who were handing the stuff out to EVERYONE who walked by them just seemed to stop and let us pass by. I thought maybe they didn't like us or something, but then looked closer at what they were handing out: condoms. Yep, that's Brazil. They were giving out about 5 to every man, woman, and teenager who walked into  the place haha. I just laughed and thought, "well, we definitely don't need those," and was grateful that those two girls could recognize that we are men of God. Gotta love it! We grabbed our food and went home around 9:30 to wait until midnight and see the fireworks from our apartment window. It was a long and boring wait, plus we were already tired, but then it reached midnight and the fireworks began. . .right behind the tree. Haha if they had been 20ft higher we would have seen them, as a result, we only saw about 1 in 5 that actually got shot high enough. The fireworks went for about 15 minutes, but these people have nothing on American fireworks. We then went to bed and that was our wild, brazilian New Year's Party.

We started off the new year in the hospital! My comp got super sick and we had to go there the morning after new years. It was just a stomach virus, but he wasn't doing so well. We're pretty sure it's because he ate "carne do sol" (Sun meat) which is meat that they leave sitting in the sun for 2 or 3 days before they cook it and sell it. Brazilians love it, but it's too fatty for me, so I got chicken. Turns out, he didn't know what carne do sol is until I told him the next day. It was pretty funny! I had a good time at the hospital though =) We were standing in line waiting to see the doctor and they had the news on TV. As I was watching the coverage from NYC and London, the receptionist tried to get my attention. I wasn't even close to paying attention, so my companion ended up saying, "Elder, she's trying to talk to you." I wondered why she would want to talk to me (since I wasn't the patient), but thought maybe she wanted me to help my comp with something about the doctor. I walked over to her and she says, "Can I take a picture of you? My daughter loves to see people with blue eyes." BLUE EYES. My eyes used to be brown, now they are a greenish, but definitely not blue. I couldn't help but smile and agreed. Now, you may think, "Wow Elder Sanderson, that wasn't really necessary was it?" But I am happy to say that I put the Book of Mormon right up next to my face so that they will always have that picture of the Book of Mormon haha. And I can't help it if I'm good looking! My companion looked at me afterwards and asked, "what was that?" I looked at him and said, "She wanted to take a picture of me because of my blue eyes," to which he replies, "But Elder, you don't have blue eyes, I have blue eyes." Haha it was great! Not a bad start to the New Year for me!

I also snapped the sole of my shoe in half! I don't know how, but it happened. I can't really describe it, but I've got the pictures of it on my camera =) I'm still good on shoes though! I have two pairs that are in perfect condition =) 

As we walked back to our house, we stopped by the Zone Leaders' house to pick up the mail. I got my package from the ward! It was great! They sent so much cool stuff! I got nilla wafers, socks, PEANUT BUTTER, oreos, chips ahoy, and so much other stuff =) Can you send me the Merrills' and the Goodes' emails? I want to send them emails to say thank you for their cards. I'm also going to send an email to you to print out for the ward. I can't even begin to explain to them how great it was =) 

That's really about it for the week. Pray for our investigator Anderson. He is 17 and really lost. We think he is a little special, but he has just been confused by how many churches he has been to in his life. He kept asking us, "You're not lying to me are you?" We assured him that it was the truth, but still pray for him. I know that the other churches are going to tell him that we're lying, and we won't be able to talk to him again until Saturday. We just want to show him where the truth really is. He can see, he just doesn't know it yet. He keeps telling us that he can see something different about us, the bishop, and the members of the ward, but he doesn't know what it is. We're going to show him how much his Heavenly Father loves him =) 

Have a great week everyone! I love you all and will SEE you this year! (Promise I won't say that in all of these emails haha)

Elder Sanderson

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