Tuesday, January 20, 2015

71 weeks! Staying in Manacapuru

Hey there family =)

The week was pretty good, but not free of the sickness. I was able to work more or less, but didn't really kick the sickness until yesterday. I just kept a fever all week that came and went, but that was about it. I am feeling better though =) 

We really didn't have an eventful week either, so I'm sorry if the email isn't too long this week. We had transfer calls last night, and I'm staying another transfer in Manacapuru! I'll be staying with the same comp, but am still excited for it. The biggest goal I have for this transfer: WORK! I just want to work, work, work this transfer. I have been feeling that we need to work more, and Elder Battraw seems to think so too.

It's still raining a lot, but it is really nice because it is getting to be almost "chilly" here. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true haha. The people are all getting sick in the city too because they are feeling the cold that comes and goes with the rain.

How is the move coming along? Who's going to the Super Bowl? Does it look like it's going to be a good game? Not too many questions, but a few I'm curious about =) When you get the chance, you should listen to Mitt Romney's talk from BYU's forum in November, it's really good! =) I'm listening to it right now. He is really funny, but it also very spiritual. 

I know this email isn't very exciting, but that is really about it for the week. I'm still doing great and loving life! We are hoping to have a baptism this week, next week, and the week after as well! =) It should be great, but we'll have to really work for it too! We also get to go to Manaus on Wednesday to go to the temple! We'll stay the night there and then have interviews with President the next day =) I'm excited to be going back to the temple, it will be refreshing and uplifting. 

Love you guys! Hope your week goes great and that you are seeing the Lord's Hand in your life!

Elder Sanderson

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