Wednesday, February 25, 2015

76 weeks- Surprise!

Hey there country folk! That should be your new code names or something, I can be jungle boy haha. 

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are doing good and loving it there! I'm so glad that the youth program was welcoming and that Haylee liked it! I've been praying for her every day this week =) Heavenly Father answers our prayers, without a doubt. He has been blessing Elder Battraw and I like crazy, but I'll to that later in the email. I've been praying for all of you =) I'm glad to hear that the neighbors are welcoming and that the town is better than PG county haha. I've considered moving back there one day, but on the Virginia side I think, we'll see how it all goes. 

The house looks really nice! I feel like we've reached a new level of fanciness (is that a word?) because of the fireplace. We're moving up in the world haha. The house looks really nice though =) When are grandma and grandpa Huhmann moving in? Haha

And on to my adventures! You can share this one with the new ward: We are planning on NINE BAPTISMS this week! It is going to be awesome! We have a potential of 11 or 12, but are pretty sure we can get these nine in the water =) It is going to be amazing! The week will be full of work, fasting, prayers, and tons of running! We also got our transfer call this week, so I will be staying one more in Manacapuru with Elder Battraw. We are pretty excited about it, but were also wanting a bit of a change. This is three transfers together and that doesn't happen very often during the mission, so it's weird that we'll be together one more. But, with nine baptisms, it really doesn't matter that much haha!

We also got kidnapped by a member this week. He was visiting from Manaus and his extended family lives in Manacapuru. We thought we were getting a ride to the church, but he instead took us to a surprise birthday party for his nephew. We got there and he declares to everyone, "These guys are doing exactly what Pedro (his son who is serving a mission) is doing and are going to start visiting you guys." That was it, we then made friends with all of them, ate cake and pizza, and marked days to go back and teach them all. Three of the guys who were there are going to either get baptized this week or next week, and the others will be sure to follow =) 

We also went to a wedding for two people who are in the other ward. They got married and then were baptized right after! It was awesome to see and get to be there with them. They know us really well too, and that's how we scored an invite. Brazilian weddings are pretty much just like American ones, but we didn't have any music or dancing. It was just the ceremony, baptsim, and then food =) There was food, so we didn't complain =) 

Other than that, we are just doing a mission-wide fast today because Elder Cook is going to speak to us tomorrow! It is going to be awesome! The entire mission is getting together for the first time in more than 3 or 4 years for this! We're already in Manaus and are just waiting for tomorrow morning =) It will be cool to see all of my MTC District! It will be the first time we're all together since the MTC in Provo! I don't know Elder Herrera, but Elder Battraw (my companion) says they were in the same MTC district together. I'll keep a look out for him tomorrow. 

That's really about it for our week =) I could maybe write more, but that was all of the important/exciting stuff from the week!

Love you all! Keep sending pictures!

Elder Sanderson

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