Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 75 -Carnaval isn't for kids :)

Hey there everybody!

Did you guys already buy shirts that say, "Don't mess with me, I'm local" haha you need to if you didn't! It was weird to see the living room empty after it having things in it for the last 10 years. I'm excited for the change though, even though I'll really just be more of a visitor =) How is everything today? Have you guys made it to the base yet? How is the weather today? Hopefully it's great and going good. By the way, you guys should have all told that guy three different places haha that made me laugh.

We had a pretty relaxing week down here. It was HOT, but that's been normal since the day I got here haha. We seem to be lacking rain, but that's normal across the whole country. It's pretty bad when the Amazon Rain Forest is out of rain...

I don't have too much to report on, but I'll share some bits and pieces of the week. Sorry, if it's not very much, but that's life these days. 

We taught a less-active member of the Church this week who is 88 years-old. That is almost unheard of among brazilians. Usually, if they made it to like 65 or 70 they lived a good life. She is going to keep going for a good number of years to come too! She was there with all of her great grandkids who are older teenagers, but was working more than they were in the bakery that they own. She gave us juice, cake, water, almost coffee haha and was really nice. We tried to leave a message with her, but every time we started to share it, she would say, "Of course you can share a message, come back whenever you'd like." haha and we didn't really get anywhere. She likes to talk a lot too, so the appointment lasted about 2 hours... We're excited to have found them though and are going to try and baptize her grandkids =) It will just be hard to get a word in!

We also had an interesting experience at lunch during the week. We were eating and just making small talk with the member. Somehow, it came up talking about how after the mission your next job is to get married. My companion says, "Elder Sanderson, is going to get married really quick after his mission." The member replies, "My daughter's almost done with school!" Hahaha it was hilarious! We just quickly changed the subject to something else and then left afterwards. So, if it doesn't work out with Sarah, looks like I've got options down here. 

Thursday, we had a crazy lucky day! We were leaving a lesson and then a member pulls up in his car and asks, "Elders, where are you going?" We told him we were headed to the chapel to do some contacts in the street and then he asked us if we wanted a ride. That doesn't EVER happen, so we gladly accepted (especially since it was 3 in the afternoon and 95 degrees outside). He then gave us 20 reais to get something to eat! That wasn't the end of our luck though, we also ran into a family from my comp's first area that is visiting our city. They saw us and pulled over to talk. They took our number down and then said they would call later and order a pizza for us! We had already decided to get some ice cream using the money that the member had given us, so we ended up getting pizza and chocolate shakes! It was one of the luckiest days I've had in Brazil haha. 

Carnaval started this week too...it's just a party from 8-2 every single night until Thursday. We had to walk through it to get home yesterday, but apparently we were are the "family friendly Carnaval" because as we got to the other side, they made an announcement that all people who were less than 18 had to leave because Carnaval isn't for kids. It was crazy, there were already people who had been drinking way too much, but then they basically said that was just the tailgate party haha. Luckily, none of the serious partying starts until later at night after the missionaries are already at home. It's going to be a hard week to teach though because people will just be hung-over and partying. Hopefully, we'll have a baptism though =)

That was really about it for the week! Turned out longer than I thought it would =) Next week we get to see Elder Cook, so everyone is happy about that! It should be interesting because the first thing that President Castro told the mission in his email today was, "Dear Elders and Sisters, I am happy with the work that you all are doing in this marvelous Brazil Manaus Mission, but I'm not satisfied with the results. We need to be more productive." Haha should be a good conference =) 

Love you all! Send me a ton of pictures next week of everything!

Elder Sanderson

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