Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 74 -pizza pizza

Hey there everyone!

Sounds like it was a week full of happiness and tears, hope you guys are doing better now though. Tell Haylee to try and imagine moving every six weeks...that's about what I'm averaging in the mission haha. It's not any easier for us, but just like us, Heavenly Father will bless you guys too! 

I hope you told everyone goodbye for me when you were at church! I'm going to miss all of them too. I will try and get better about sending emails to them =) As much as that rock idea is interesting, I think I'll stick to my journal, then I don't have to carry a rock around with me. We can only have so much weight in the suitcase and a rock is just extra weight. Speaking of which, I'm going to try and send a package to grandma chelle because I have too many t-shirts. I've gotten some shirts from the mission, Christmas presents, etc and now have like 14 t-shirts. I'll try and get it sent once I figure out how much it's going to cost me. 

We had a pretty good week this week! My birthday was awesome and it still feels weird to be 21. We ate a lot of food and one of our member families made me lasagna and cake for my birthday! They sang happy birthday to me and it was a great way to end the night. We had wanted to get a baptism that day too, but it ended up having to happen on Sunday instead. I still count it as a birthday present from Heavenly Father =) 

Our zone training in Manaus was awesome and we had a fun time with the missionaries there. The apartment where we stayed only has one bedroom and so we crammed six missionaries in there. We were as follows: two hammocks one on top of the other, two mattresses on the floor underneath the hammocks, and then two missionaries in the bunk-bed. I was in the hamock on top and was higher up than the top bed on the bunk-bed. It was crazy! We also almost froze to death because of how cold it was with the AC haha. Nobody got up to turn it down, so we just kind of froze lol. I had to put my towel over my legs and then put my arms inside of my shirt haha. 

We went to our training and it was good, then went back to Manacapuru. The rest of our week was the usual, just running around and trying to teach everyone. Here's my "trunky" moment of the week: I GO HOME IN 6 MONTHS!!! As of Wednesday! It's crazier to try and imagine that than it is to try and imagine being 21. 

I'm feeling good. I was feeling a little iffy last night, so I think we'll go to the hospital later. They'll just stick an IV in me and then I'll be better =) What made me laugh this week was when we were in Manaus. We went to a pizzaria to get some dinner and they had a large pizza for 15 reais! That is waaaay cheap, so we all decided to get one. The waiter walks up and says, "what would you like?" Elder Thomas replies, "I want a large pizza." The guy writes it down and starts to walk away, Elder Thomas goes, "wait, they want something too." The guy looked confused and then we all ordered a large pizza for ourselves. It was awesome! The guy made us move inside because the tables we were sitting at were too small to hold them haha. We ate every single bite! We've laughed about that for the rest of the week =) 

My favorite person this week was Lucas! He's my favorite because he got baptized! =D

That's about all I got folks =) The week was good, thank you all for your prayers and birthday wishes and everything!

Love you all,

Elder Sanderson

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