Saturday, September 21, 2013

An email

He emailed us Friday morning. 

Hey there mom and fam!

The MTC is fantastic! Lke i said in my letter, we are learning so much portuguese, i think that next week we have to start speaking 100% portuguese whenever we are in our classroom or even just walking around. If there is a bunch of typos in here i am trying to type fast because we only get an hour on the computer so i want to try and write everyone! I have seen so many friends here that are either working for the mtc or are serving as missionaries just like me! We love the food, we can eat as much as we want at every meal and they make sure to feed us good! Rumor has it that you will gain anywhere from 15-20lbs in the MTC but i just weighed myself today and i haven't gained a pound! 

My district is awesome! We are 12 elders and 0 sisters which is really unusual they said, but we are also a very advanced district too! The other missionaries hear us talk, pray, bear our testimonies, etc and ask how long we've been here. When we say only about a week they say that we are doing really good and have nicknamed us the quorum of the 12. My district is all brazilian missionaries like me and we are from all over the country! Out of the 12 of us, 9 are going to Manaus!
That is so cool that daisy is doing better! I knew that Heavenly Father wouldnt let us lose such a big part of the family! Thank you for all of the sports news! I love it! And so does my district! Keep sending letters, i love to get them! It might take a few days to reply because of how busy we are, but i have gained the reputation of the letter writer in my district (even though i've only written you guys, dad, and Sarah) and each of those only once! 

Things i need:

When you send those shirts, please send this too.......

*****I did not add the list of things he needed from home :) I'll let you know of he requests anything othe people can send :) *******
Love you all so much! If you need to get a hold of me quickly then send a DEARELDER because those are delivered to us the day you send them in print form! Then if i need to contact you about that card or anything i can find out same day and get permission to reply to you!

Love you all and miss you lots,

Elder Sanderson

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