Friday, September 27, 2013

Email Friday!!

I am on a train to NYC with some girlfriends and so when I emailed D this morning they each asked him a question.  Hence why he answers them by name :) 

Hey mom =)

I haven't replied to any of the Dear Elders because they are pretty much just quick updates from you guys! But I do really like getting them! I am definitely not fluent in Portuguese and it seriously feels like we are learning a lot, but that we haven't even began to learn enough (which is both true and false). Elder Pixton is a lot better than me at vocabulary, but it seems like I'm the one who can buy us time in our lessons whenever we freeze because we can't remember anything. This week has been up and down for me, but I know that Heavenly Father is going to make sure everything is just fine! I've been struggling a little bit with staying focused on Portuguese and it seems like we have so much else to worry about, but like I said, everything is still going great! I can definitely see how missionaries have troubles with their companions lol mine can be a slight pain in the neck sometimes, but I'm sure that I'm no walk in the park either! It's just the little things that you start to notice after being with someone 24/7 for two weeks. Sometimes he seems to think that only his way is right and that my ideas aren't as important because he has a really good idea. When that happens I try not to get angry with him and instead I just keep on pushing my idea (as well as working with his) and then somehow it all works out and we get it right.

My shoes are  very comfortable, but not the ones we got in the mail! I've only worn them twice because they cut into my ankle pretty bad so I'm working on a solution to that at the moment! I haven't even needed the inserts! The shoes rock and are so light! I can relate to the feeling of blah, I've been sick for over a week and a half now. They say that once we get sick in the MTC, you don't get better...oh well, it's mostly just a bunch of congestion but I'm doing a lot better than i was!

Mione: They have everything you could possibly want! It's pretty much a buffet and we can get as much as we want. We have had everything from hot dogs to sirloin steaks! Yes, they do have cookies, but only the chocolate chip ones taste very good. 

Michelle: My typical day is this:
get up at 6:30
breakfast at 7:15
personal study 7:45-8:45
Class (portuguese) from 8:45 to 12
Lunch at 12
TALL (online portuguese) from 12:45 to 1:45
class (portuguese) from 1:45-5
Dinner 5-5:45
Prep for gym until 6:20
Prep for class 7:10-7:40
Language study 7:40-9
Planning 9-9:30
Golden hour 9:30-10:30 (we write letters home, shower, etc)
Lights our at 10:30

Molly: Yes I know who you are! I've only been gone for 2 weeks =p

You honestly dont have to call Sister Wood if you don't want to mom, Sarah tells everybody to call her family on their birthdays! So don't worry about it, I think it's weird too, but it's up to you. She probably told me to email her mom which I may or may not do.

Everything else is going great! We are just waiting for laundry right now and trying not to freeze when we go outside! It snowed on the mountain yesterday so it's been pretty cold in the mornings. 

Love you mom and will write home sometime next week, by the time you're back from NY you should have a letter i sent earlier this week, it was addressed to Haylee so she could get one just from me and be the one to open it, but there is also a letter for all of you.

Love you all!

Elder Sanderson

REALLY missed him this week!!  So happy to hear from him again.  

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