Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Here's the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail when it comes I wanna yell MAAAAAAIL!  -name that show!  :)  Got our first letter from D yesterday he wrote it on September 12th so he had been at the MTC for 1 day and change.  Love that boy and his good communication skills!  Here it is....

    I made it and am alive!  The MTC is insane!  It's seriously like getting a slap in the face with the Spirit. When you get to the MTC it is really just a drop off and go, you don't stop for anything.
    My "Host" (a missionary who is your guide) was Elder Zach Larsen who was my wingman in ROTC last year!  He's going to Australia speaking Mandarin and it was awesome to see him!
    The pace that they set for us to learn everything is crazy!  Our language teacher (Sister Dangerfield) doesn't speak any English to us! We just have to figure out what she's saying but we can talk in English.  We go to class for about 6 hours a day (language class) and the Spirit has already blessed us with the gift of tongues.  In less than 36 hours, I've learned basic conversation, sung hymns, said prayers, and taught 2 lessons all in Portuguese!
    My district is all Brazil missionaries.  Counting me, we have 12 elders and no sisters which is very, very rare!  Out of the 12 of us, 6 or 7 are going to Manaus!  My companion is Elder Pixton and he is serving there too!
       I miss you all, but haven't really haven't had time to realize that :) I don't have time to really think about anything ha ha!
        I love you and I miss you, but know how much Heavenly Father is/has/will take care of us as I go out on this new adventure!  Ask me any questions!  It will make letters easier to write!

                 I love you,
                          Elder Sanderson

PS Email Sarah please and let her know (and so you guys know) my P Day is on Friday! Tomorrow doesn't count, but next week will!
                                                             Elder Sanderson

***So exciting!!!!  Haylee was bummed he didn't say hello to her specifically but I assured her he missed and loved her too and that he was very busy.  I am sure the more detailed hello's will come in future letters.  And just an FYI to those who are reading but aren't familiar with missions/missionaries HD is allowed to write when he can but he will only have access to e-mail on Fridays and then only for a very short time so don't be offended if he doesn't write back quickly!  :)

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